03 1.9dci ESP warning light on - johnnygreenboots
On the way home tonight whilst going round a roundabout the ESP light and service lights came up on the dashboard. Got home and re-started the car hoping the lights would dissapear but still on. I tried switching the ESP switch off with the button on the dash, but no effect. I am concerned this may be an expensive fix as I belive the ESP is linked to the ABS. Wondered if anyone has come across this before and if this should be a main dealer fix. I have had the car from new, 60k miles FRSH.
03 1.9dci ESP warning light on - Screwloose

The SERV light is a "take me to the service" [French for garage] not that it needs one.

Have the ABS fault-codes read [most garages will be able] and see what codes appear. That will give at least some idea of what ails it.
03 1.9dci ESP warning light on - johnnygreenboots
Thanks for reply. I have booked the car into dealers end of next week. Fingers crossed.
03 1.9dci ESP warning light on - johnnygreenboots
Car now booked in on Wed. Car is 5 years old 60K so needs a cambelt & aux belts. Asked main dealer and independent for quotes. Got a quote for £523 from indi for belts and after haggling got a quote for £425 from main dealer. After a bit more haggling got belts + minor sevice + CLIP test for ESP for £500 total. And they might even clean it. Credit crunch must be biting. Been using the same main dealer from new, never had so much as a penny off and the car always comes back filthy. If only I could find cheap tyres for it 225/60/16 102v xl. Always had Mitch but looks like Conti this time, a bit cheaper and availible.
03 1.9dci ESP warning light on - tony@tooting
Youre quite right, a lot of dealers are in deep trouble. The local VW agents workshop has all the days work finished by 10am. And its been like that all this month.
03 1.9dci ESP warning light on - PeruTango
The same warnings have recently come on on my 53 Espace 1.9 dci. It has just been serviced by the dealer a few weeks ago. How did you get on? Did you get an explanation as to what had caused the ESP and Service lights to come on?
03 1.9dci ESP warning light on - crog
With regard to tyres... my Espace now passed the 80K miles. After 5 years of running the original fit Michelin Pilot Suremacy tyres fitted as standard on my model (225/55/17) which last 18-20k on front and 40k on rear and cost £150 - £ 170 each to replace I've just started using cheaper non-branded tyres. I have VSP on rear and Excelera on front (both Indonesian imports). So far so good. With new tread grip seems just as good, although the ride is a little harsher and possibly noisier. They meet all the statutory requirements and are Extra Load versions like the Michelins. Wear seems a little better than the Michelins so far but it's early days. They cost less than £90 fitted which is a worthwhile saving. I'm told that as long as one steers clear of East European tyres, non-branded ones are a sensible choice. Time will tell.
03 1.9dci ESP warning light on - johnnygreenboots
I had a full set of Continental tyres fitted and the tracking done and the ESP light went off. The garage said the tracking was "a mile out". The reault dealer found no fault logged. I was feeling very smug with myself about getting a deal with the cambelt/Aux belts from a Renault main agent. But suprise-surpise they found once they had removed the belts they informed me the crankshaft pulley was on its way out, so reccomended it was changed at the same time. So as always they got me in the end.

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