00 2.0i stalls at junctions and when changing gear - DavidB@Stagnes
My 2.0i honda accord (80K, year 2000) suddenly showed an engine management light 2 weeks ago and stalled when changing down until I got it to a garage.
Local garage adjusted all sorts of throttle stuff, idle speed etc no better. then got a sensor low voltage message on the ECU.
They replaced throttle body sensor for over £100, light went off BUT still stalls at junctions and when changing down. ie if you let the revs drop it does not stop at tickover, goes too far then bounces a bit and stalls even when rolling at 20mph. Not all the time but 2 or 3 times in a 10 mile journey.
Was due a service , so Honda main dealer performed 80K service for £300+ and then tried to diagnose the stalling problem, they said no faults show on the diagnostic set and it ticked over fine. Seemed OK when I picked it up.
Nest day its stalling again, especially in first 5 miles.
Problem is of course stalled motor = no power steering or brake assist, scary when just coming to a junction/island etc.

Various US web sites suggest cleaning the Idle Air Control Valve out, or using higher octane fuel, putting in injector cleaning stuff in the petrol (STP) etc etc

Has any one solved this problem before or any bright ideas please, as I am fed up of spending cash at dealers who cant identify the problem or fix it for me



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00 2.0i stalls at junctions and when changing gear - Turpin
Hi don't know if this will help. Obviously if its not a vaccum leak then check your valve clearances, had similar problem with a CRV. Hope this helps
00 2.0i stalls at junctions and when changing gear - Sprice
I once had a Mitsubishi with similar problems. I disconnected the battery for couple of minutes and once reconnected, started the car and just let it idle for several minutes (some ECUs 'learn' apparently!). Problem was sorted afterwards and never returned.
00 2.0i stalls at junctions and when changing gear - slickric

i have a similar problem where my cars' revs almost die when taking it out of gear or if rev it in neutral then it goes back up to idle.engine management light is on.oxygen sensors have both been replaced. 36532 pdc e01
Fed up with spending fortune on car parts,labour or to get a solution that ive just left it.

If any1 can help then let me know.
00 2.0i stalls at junctions and when changing gear - Chuckie888
If the MIL light showed then there should be a DTC error code unless the garage cleared them. From the sounds of it I would be tempted to check the O2 sensors and the Fuel Injector Rail earth before cleaning out the IAC valve. Make sure the throttle body is clean - no lip of dirt where the butterfly goes and then the valve clearances.
00 2.0i stalls at junctions and when changing gear - mrdunkleysexy
I hope you got your problem sorted but if not it is the Idle Control Valve (stepper valve) that requires changing

I had the same problem with my car, vehicle not holding revs and engine feeling like it was going to stall when stationary

Luckliy I have a good garage I goto and my mechanic diagnosed my problem and saved me a lot of money

Its a common problem with honda accord vehicle. I rang me local Honda dealer for the part and was quoted £300 + vat so i went the breakers route and picked one up for £60 from a reputable Honda breaker

The part has been fitted now and my car drives perfect

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