01 2.0 turbo erratic idle whilst cold. - jimbano
any ideas on a fault with a friends 2001 v60.. When it's cold and during the warm up phase, the idle is quite erratic, although it does not cut out. When warm the idle is fine. I have checked the basics and for any signs of an air leak etc, but all seems to be ok. The car is new to my friend and he has no idea how long the car may have been like this. Also the engine management light was on, but was reset.. the fault code was lambda control, but fault erased and light now out. The car has covered 91k mls. I also believe volvo intercoolers were prone to pin holes and corrosion on the diesel models, but does anyone know if this also affected petrol intercoolers as well. Thanks James


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01 2.0 turbo erratic idle whilst cold. - DP
My 01 S60 2.0T has a slightly wonky idle on cold, particularly during the first 5 seconds or so after initial fire-up where it fluctuates quite noticeably. It then settles, and is OK. Idle is rock steady after this.

I bought my car from a friend who I've known since he had it (I actually went with him to test drive it when he bought it 4 yrs ago), and it's always done it. Never got any worse, and never seems to have any adverse effects elsewhere. No MIL, pulls like a train, and does mid 30's mpg. I'm leaving it well alone.

There is a problem with the throttle body on these early 2.0T engines, which manifests itself as an erratic idle, but this occurs at all times, not just on cold. Perhaps someone else will have a better suggestion, but I think this is a characteristic, to a degree anyway.


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