"Impeding progress"-Strange finger signals.. - oilrag
Guilty of the modern crime of "impeding another`s progress on the roads" today.

White Rose Shopping centre roundabout. Exiting onto RB and about to do a 3/4 circuit to the right.
Another car pulled alongside, in left lane while waiting to enter RB. Assumed it was going left. But no. went right around the outside of me but exiting found itself alongside me and unable to go past on the inside (just off RB) due to a slower car being in front of it, which had entered from our left.

I looked across, unable to move into the left lane (on RB or after exit) due to this (left lane overtaker) cars presence.

Now here`s the thing. This RB exits on an uphill slope and (held in the outer lane on exit) I was unable to move past the car in front of us both, as in the old Punto 1.9D no turbo-no power. NO power that is..

Of course, I instantly slowed to allow the `left side overtaker` though rather than block the outer lane.

Not before seeing her face contort with fury though at ending up boxed in and I received some unrecognised finger signals, which I assume are a text talk type thing?

So what`s it mean when you make with the fingers like the Hydra`s head? and how can I defer to the new `impeding my Progress` personal `right` that seems to be developing?

Perhaps cars should now be fitted with alternating flashing headlights and loud grunt horns to let the poor sap in front know that a `Right To Progress` person is behind, or even alongside?

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"Impeding progress"-Stange finger signals.. - b308
Did the same thing with a black cab recently - I was turning right in the right hand lane and he was attempting the same from the left hand lane (with no signals) - he got all upset when I cut across his bows when following the lane markings on the roundabout.... perhaps we should have a little sign in the rear (or side) window of our cars which can refer them to the correct section of the Highway Code when truning right at roundabouts?! ;-)
"Impeding progress"-Stange finger signals.. - Pugugly
The only thing that the vivid description of the gesture brings to mind - is the "one of them" jokes that Morecambe and Wise had - i.e. "what's one of them ?" reply "one of them - dead" it was pretty visual though and difficult to convey here.
"Impeding progress"-Stange finger signals - jase1
Did the road signs indicate that it was acceptable to go round the RB on the left like that?

There are a few weird ones like that, so it does make a difference.

If yes, then I can understand (though not condone) a certain amount of animosity on the part of the other driver.

If no, then I'd have been tempted to veerrryy sllloooowwwlllyyy get out of the blighter's way, making life as hard as possible for him, and ready the index finger (or better, a blow-kiss) in retaliation. It's the only thing these neanderthals understand (making sure I'm not holding an innocent party behind me up mind you).

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"Impeding progress"-Stange finger signals - JH
ooh yes! I've advocated that before. Put on a big smile, give a really sweet wave and they go ballistic. Probably die of a heart attack induced by high blood pressure just down the road. Just make sure they're not bigger than you / you can drive off.
"Impeding progress"-Stange finger signals - b308
Did the road signs indicate that it was acceptable to go round the RB on
the left like that?

Not in my case, Jase, there were two other dual carriageway junctions before the one we took and it was 3/4 way round the circle (if you see what I mean!)...

And I did the slow exit as well!

Poor lane discipline on roundabouts seems endemic these days, though, even though the council try to help them with decent road markings.... there's a bad one near us from the A491 meets the M5 at Lydiate Ash, you start of on the right and have to gradually move left as you go round past two other exists to end up in the correct lane to go down the M5 - the road markings are clear enough, but none else seems to bother with them and you end up in the wrong lane!
"Impeding progress"-Stange finger signals.. - Hamsafar
Hydra's head means "why?'
"Impeding progress"-Stange finger signals.. - daveyjp
Oilrag - know the White Rose well. No idea about the handsignals, but I do know the exit by Sainsburys fuel station does have road markings permitting right hand turn in left hand lane to head towards the M62.

It's permitted as there is no exit if you aren't going left. Your only option is to take the 3 o'clock exit - it helps reduce queuing traffic into the shopping centre. You have to be careful doing a 3/4 circuit in the outside lane though!
"Impeding progress"-Stange finger signals.. - gordonbennet
I think i may have been waved at by the same female (a medical examination may be inconclusive) in Northampton, at the helm of a parts van.

Did she have hair pulled back so tight it stretched the skin of her forehead, and was she accompanied by a mean looking neanderthal?
I wasn't actually impeding the erratic progress, i was merely one of many in the correct lane they needed to get in, not trying to stop them changing lanes you understand, just my crystal ball failed again to tell me of the presence of the chav menace.

My waver cut across the front of me and then proceeded to give me the wave accompanied by glares from under the considerable shade of the passengers brow through the rear window, sort of highlighted the whites of his bulging eyes in the shade.;)

My winning smile and cheerful wave weren't appreciated....again.

"Impeding progress"-Stange finger signals.. - L'escargot
........ hair pulled back so tight it stretched the skin of her forehead ..........

That's known as a Croydon facelift
"Impeding progress"-Stange finger signals.. - Lud
All those Calabrian evil eye signs, mutating into something even more African?

The poor girl was just trying to find out if you were in her own or an allied posse. Honestly oilrag, try to keep up.

Don't make the wrong sign in return though. Something so idiotic you wouldn't believe it could easily happen.

Get a Land Rover with railway lines for bumpers, and sleep easy when you don't have to stay awake just in case.
"Impeding progress"-Stange finger signals.. - FotheringtonThomas
So what`s it mean when you make with the fingers like the Hydra`s head?

"Prepare to ram".
how can I defer to the new `impeding my Progress` personal `right` that seems to
be developing?

Ignore it. If they want to go faster, let 'em overtake, or find another road (yes, the same goes for self when "held up".).
"Impeding progress"-Stange finger signals.. - oilrag
"Honestly oilrag, try to keep up."

I know...;)

Better start looking at road signs... Dave`s familiar with the RB.. Mind you, if I had been in the left lane I would have been in front of her around the RB and impeded her just as much with the old non turbo job.

*ITS NOT MY FAULT* that hill off the RB is to blame. That and the last ice age that didn`t sufficiently level the terrain.
"Impeding progress"-Stange finger signals.. - pyruse
Definitely the last Ice Age to blame; it didn't kill off the driver, either.

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