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00 1.8 Drivers' Side Airbag - pawd

Is it possible to remove the Drivers Side airbag module in the seat?
I need to weld the joint of the seat cause it has broken apart. I've undone the upholstery to gain access to the module and the part that needs to be welded.
Or perhaps it's safe to weld the seat with the airbag in place. I'd just afraid it might deploy.

Any advice welcomed.

Thank you.
00 1.8 Drivers' Side Airbag - Screwloose

If the system is disarmed and the sidebag completely disconnected, then you should be OK unless you're welding right on top of it.

As usual when working around airbags; always allow room for the bag to deploy without personal injury and be aware of the disorientating effects of the bang.

Don't leave the seat resting on the bag as it can throw the seat into the air. If you have to rest it that side down; support the seat high enough to allow the bag to deploy harmlessly downwards.

Edited by Screwloose on 24/07/2008 at 01:08


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