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Hi all

The heater blower fan on our c4 has stopped working in positions 1-3 and only blows in position 4, the fastest setting - which blows like billy-o as you would expect.

The car is still under warranty and so we took it to a dealer yesterday (our local one shut last year) and they tell us it needs a new motor. I can't help but think this isn't the case as it actually works on speed 4, so it looks to me to be a broken switch. It doesn't really make a whole lot of difference to me, should the dealer be taking more money from Citroen than is needed then to a large extent I don't care I'll get the car fixed for free from my end.

My question is this though - is it possible the motor is broken and not the switch? This matters since the car is coming up to its MOT and if the garage, as I suspect, is "upping" the work required I'll take the car elsewhere for the MOT work which we'll have to pay for.


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05 1.4i fan blower motor resistor - mfarrow
The motor is the most likely location of the resistor pack, the set of resistors which control the speed of the motor. The switch merely selects which resistors(s) to send electricity through to slow the fan down.

These resistors get hot as they dissipate a lot of current, and consequently they can break easily through cyclic heating/cooling. Hence their usual location on or near the fan assembly.

Usually the pack is available separately. This either isn't the case here, or the dealer wishes to spend as much Citroen money as they can. Either way it doesn't affect you financially so I wouldn't worry.

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Get your MOT done early! - Armitage Shanks {p}
Get your MOT done in the 30 days before it is due; if it passes, the certificate will be dated from the day the test is due. If the MOT finds any faults, and if such faults are covered by your 3 year warranty, you can get them fixed before the warranty expires!
Get your MOT done early! - Citroënian {P}
mf - thanks for the reply, I hadn't thought that the control unit could be part of the motor itself, bit of a worry if I end up paying for subsequent repairs, the controls are a little simpler in our 84 Mini!

AS - Yes, that was my plan really. Just wondering if they'd try it on with other things that wouldn't be covered such as brake discs and pads. I know times are tough for dealers and although I don't mind Citroen helping them out, I don't want to put my hand in my own pocket to pay for the Principal's Bentley fuel bill!

Kind regards

Get your MOT done early! - carefree
I had same problem with heater motor it has been changed twice

As for cruise control i give up as the dealer cant stop it saying SERVICE and not working they have now told me to remove car battery for a few minutes and then replace have tried this and it still reads SERVICE.

Plus air con compressor replaced and various air cone pipes have been changed

Also car is on its third head gasket

Roll on next month when it is being traded in for VW

Get your MOT done early! - Chris79
I have just got rid of my C4. whilst I had no problems with the heaters i did have the same faults with the cruise control. The dealer used to reset it and it would be fine for a couple of weeks and then come back again. This coupled with a number of other electrical gremlins meant it was time to move on, to another brand.

Shame as i liked the C4. I'd had Citroens all my driving life and always liked them, but the last two were so unreliable the time had come to change.

If only the French could make a car that was reliable aswell as interesting!.


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