1997 1.8 Central locking - n/s/r door not working - Dave_TD
Hi all,

I believe there is no power getting to the n/s/r door central locking motor as it fails to react (either lock, unlock or deadlock) when the other doors are locked or unlocked.

I have stripped the panel off the inside of the door and peeled back the foam sheet (this has never been done before so I took care to carefully preserve the mastic sealant as much as possible) but I can't see any obvious fault with the wiring or the locking solenoid. I have also investigated the wiring where it goes from the pillar to the door and also inside the pillar but again nothing out of the ordinary.

Fuses are all in order and the other 3 doors all lock, unlock and deadlock together. I have noticed that if I lock the doors from inside by pushing the driver's door handle in then the deadlocks activate and I have to open the window and unlock the door with the key! I'm not sure if this is related or just bad luck on my part.

All suggestions welcome.

Thanks, Dave.
1997 1.8 Central locking - n/s/r door not working - ijws15
This response is based on experience of 90s fords but not escorts so may not apply.

Many Ford alarms have a test function which you access by pushing in the bonnet switch 5 or six times. You can them work around the car opening/closing doors and it should give a beep if it senses the opening/closing.

We had a Sierra that worked fine apart from not locking the drivers door from the passenger side. Turns out the door closed switch - one on the lock, not the one which operates the courtesy light, was not operating. When you locked from the drivers side it was locked by the movement so the switch was overridden. Switch on the rear door may have failed or moved.


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