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For the last seven years I have been driving a Montego 2000 automatic. Yes I know, I've heard all the jokes, but it's got bags of room & does what I tell it.
It's time to change though. I need something similar in size. I'm over 6ft. & have Parkinson's Disease, so it has to be a large, lazy & comfortable car. Less than 10 grand. Maybe a Mondeo, Vectra or Primera though I don't much care who built it or where. As long as it's reliable & well built. Also who to buy from.
Is there a good car supermarket near Stevenage ?
What I would quite like would be a big Detroit car, not very sensible I agree, but as I slide slowly out of middle age who cares.
Hope you can help

Thanks a lot

John Nunn
RE: changing cars - honestjohn
Dear John,

You have sent this to the reader's forum. If you want the readers to answer it, then fine. They will give you some pretty good answers. If you want me to answer it then e-mail it to honest john. What I can tell you is that the biggest car supermarket in Europe is The Great Trade Centre, White City, London (4,000 - 5,000 cars). To find more details, key Great Trade Centre into the search window at

RE: changing cars - Marcus Bancroft

Look at late model Rover 800s, these are very comfortable cars which suffer massive initial depreciation, most go on to fleets so they are well serviced and driven by middle managers who are unlikely to inflict abuse on them.

I had an M registered 825 Turbodiesel for nearly four years and almost 100 000 miles which I found to be utterly comfortable and reliable, taking me on regular trips across Europe where it could cruise at well over 100mph. I am 6'4" incidentally, and never got out of the car with any aches or pains.

There is a 2 litre automatic which you could buy for under 5 grand on an R plate.

In fact my company has a couple of R registered 2litre "sterling" automatics, hatchback and saloon, these are very well equipped,leather interior, cruise control etc. and will probably go to auction in April and we will be lucky to get 5 grand for them, they cost over 20 new !

Let me know how you get on.

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