08 2.0D Lights always on!? - BrutalDeluxe
Just taken delivery of a TS2 spec Mazda 6. I noticed today that dipped headlights are always on when the engine is running or even if the key is in the ignition with the electrics switched on, the only way to switch them off is to select side lights from the stalk. Even though there is an OFF and AUTO option on the stalk the lights cannot be switched off. According to the lease company the Mazda dealer says this is what is supposed to happen, but I am not so sure, and it certainly doesn't state that in the manual.

The AUTO option does not work at all as whether there is bright sunlight or if you are covering the sensor the dipped main lights are on, and I would have thought the OFF selection would have switched them off. Anyone else have this problem, and is this how it is supposed to function?
08 2.0D Lights always on!? - Ian7
Its not a problem - they are daytime running lights which more new cars will have (take the new Audis for example)

it is odd that it doesn't say in the manual though

08 2.0D Lights always on!? - BrutalDeluxe
I'll take another look in the manual, but I would have thought that daylight running lights would be the sidelights, not dipped headlights, perhaps I'm wrong.

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08 2.0D Lights always on!? - alius
I have just taken delivery of a new Mazda 6 (2 litre TS automatic) and had the same experience as you. Running lights are not mentioned in the brochure, but they are mentioned in the manual (5-73) as an option in some countries. Like you, I would have expected them to be side-lights. I thought Volvos used side-lights as running lights.

I see that running lights will become mandatory for all new cars from 2011, so I guess they will become increasingly common.
08 2.0D Lights always on!? - IG
Just taken delivery of '08 2.0 diesel sport - great car and very happy, but what's with the running lights? As others have said, there is an off switch and an auto switch but there seems little point in these as neither of them work. Have to go round with side lights on now which just uses more fuel and adds to carbon footprint. There's got to be a way to cut this off - anyone know how? Could a dealer do this?
08 2.0D Lights always on!? - Dynamic Dave
Have to go round with side lights on now which just uses more fuel and adds to carbon footprint.

Seems you forgot to add a smiley to your post. The extra fuel used is probably less than that which evaporates out through the vent in the filler cap.
08 2.0D Lights always on!? - Whisky
But you go through more bulbs, thats got to add to the footprint ;-)
08 2.0D Lights always on!? - drivewell
That's why Audi use LED's - vorsprung durch technik!
08 2.0D Lights always on!? - Martin Devon
vorsprung durch technik!

One of my old mechanic mates says that vorsprung durch technik stand for "something!!! expensive in parts in later life"

Martin D.
08 2.0D Lights always on!? - John S
The daylight running 'sidelights' on Volvos (before they started to use dipped headlights for this function) were not the 'normal' sidelights. The used higher wattage bulbs (21W?) as daytime running lights. Putting normal 5W sidelights on would be useless in daytime. The Volvo lights switched to normal sidelight bulbs when the light switch was used.

08 2.0D Lights always on!? - Old Navy
I'll take another look in the manual but I would have thought that daylight running
lights would be the sidelights not dipped headlights perhaps I'm wrong.

Sidelights are for parking, drl's should be brighter.

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08 2.0D Lights always on!? - MartinSurrey
Ive just taken delivery of a Mazda 6 TS2 and have hit the same 'feature'.

It's referred to on page 14 and page 5-68 of the Owners Manual, but I can't find any way of overriding it.

If you switch the lights to 'parking lights' (aka sidelights) then the main beam goes off, but it's hardly the point. But at least you don't go round with main beam on like a prat all day long.

I guess we'll all just have to wait until 2011 (or whenever) when applies to all cars.

08 2.0D Lights always on!? - Interesting Steve
I thought it was me being thick! I've just taken delivery of the Sport and could not find out how to turn the lights off. I pulled over to let an oncoming car through a gap. He pulled up level to me and said that my lights were on in the day time and that they were dazzling him! Never thought about the side light thing though (good idea whoever that was).
However, is it me, or do you all find that it is slightly annoying/distracting when you pull up behind another vehicle and notice that your lights are on again?
08 2.0D Lights always on!? - The_bfd
I've just taken delivery of the sport with the same issue. Has anyone approached Mazda directly about it? It certainly sounds like a manufacturing defect to me given that the manual makes no mention of running lights and explicitly mentions how the auto function switches headlight off in broad daylight. My Local dealership don't want to know they say it's a "feature".

By the way, it's not just you I too find it annoying to have to turn my lights 'off' (to sidelights) everytime I get in the car.
08 2.0D Lights always on!? - prm72
I've just taken delivery of the sport with the same issue.


You'll get used to it, i've been doing it for ages with my Volvo S60, ha.>

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08 2.0D Lights always on!? - MartinSurrey
Re this comment:-

>>Has anyone approached Mazda directly about it?

I have.

Mazda: "Running lights are a feature sir, they can't been turned off, we've had several calls about this".

Me: "In that case isn't the auto light feature a bit redundant since the lights are on all the time anyhow?".

Mazda: "Auto lights are a feature too sir".

You could vote against them on this website: www.dadrl.org.uk/

And see: www.fleetnews.co.uk/riskmanagement/story/?nID=46430

?However, from early 2011, all new types of passenger cars and light vans will have to be fitted with dedicated daytime running lamps in accordance with the relevant European directive.
"By summer 2012 all new vehicle types will have to be so fitted.?

Meanwhile, as I suggested, switch on sidelights and the running lights go off ;-)

08 2.0D Lights always on!? - jimbop
I took delivery of a Mazda 6 ts2 auto on Sept 1st.
I find the running lights so annoying and have been flashed many times by other motorists.
There must be a way of turning them off permanently (like pulling a fuse) but can any Mazda tech or other knowledgeable person please help?

08 2.0D Passenger seat - jimbop
I have a new Mazda 6 TS2 automatic and we find that the passenger seat is uncomfortable.
There are no adjustments except for moving the back.
Is there any way that the seat can be lifted and slightly tilted to make it more comfortable?
08 2.0D Lights always on!? - luckib
THe "on - off" function on the lights switch relates to the switching on and off of the AUTO lights function and NOT to turning the lights themselves off.
Day running lights are a true benefit to ALL road users as they improve the visibility of the car to other road users and so improve safety to ALL on the road and also to pedestrians who need to know of any approaching vehicle.
Perhaps we should eliminate brake lights as these tend to cause panic to following drivers who aren't really paying attention to the car in front.
As to the argument raised by another contributor about having to replace light bulbs more frequently, and so increasing the so called carbon footprint, has he considered how much less carbon would be produced if we all restricted our use of the computer and its associated discussion forums.
For goodness sake have we really nothing better to do than complain about what is a brilliant car with excellent passive and actve safety systems.
Lights always on!? - dillonmpg

You have made some valid points about the benefits of DRL's, however I am mistified to what benefit the auto light function has if it does not actually turn the lights on or off. I have 08 2.5 sport and love it as it it an excellant car, but am also concidering changing the relay to disable the DRL if my wife lets me spend 150 quid to get the job done.

08 2.0D Lights always on!? - Steptoe
DRL's must work, as far as I can determine my Volvo still has all its original panels after 23 years! ;-)

The system works on this model by using a stop/tail bulb in the (separate) sidelights; the 21 watt filament is energized when ignition is on and sidelights (effectively parking lights) switched off. However when switching on the headlamps the 5 watt filaments liven up instead, happily the only faults have been blown bulbs so haven't had to delve into how this all works.

Re. lights what annoys me is folks driving for miles during daylight with headlamps on full main beam or indicators not cancelled; do they never ever glance at their dashboard display?
08 2.0D Lights always on!? - mjsharps
I have noticed a number of 09 plated Mazda 6's without lights on!! Have Mazda now disabled the lights always on setting for the UK, does anyone have any knowledge?
08 2.0D Lights always on!? - Skegs
I have seen this too. I have got to say that it is a very annoying 'feature' and wonder if, now the 2009 models have no running lights, there is a good reason for it and if so what it is?

Will Mazda make the firmware change necessary on all other models they have sold with the 'feature'

I cannot find an email add for Mazda but their contact numbers are 08457 484848 or 08456 013047 according to the site
08 2.0D Lights always on!? - bondi699
After contacting Mazda technical It was confirmed by Mazda Technician that the running lights on the 2008 sports can be disabled by changing the headlight relay from GS1G67890A to GS1E67890A

The head light relay can be found by removing the glove box,to do this pull the glove box down past the stops and then give a strong pull forward to remove it from the clip on hinge, once out of the way the headlight relay securing bolt can be seen up behind the centre console 10 mm bolt. I found the easiest way to remove the relay was to remove this bolt and then by dropping the relay out together with its bracket below the console where the foot well carpet finishes.

The relay cost me £123 inc vat,If you have a 6 sport with auto light function then the relay you need is GS1E67890A.
I can confirm that this works and as far as I'm aware is the only way to disable the running lights.The job took 10 minuets, the hardest part was identifying the relay securing bolt.
If you need any more information just ask and I will post photos.

08 2.0D Lights always on!? - ubcaps

Could you please send me any pics? Did the mod work ok?

08 2.0D Lights always on!? - jep100

Headlight relay,

Did you get photos of relay position. If so could you post them.



08 2.0D Lights always on!? - ashley hendry

Hi, could you send me picture of the relay location please.


Thank you.

08 2.0D Lights always on!? - FP

A bizarre revival of an old thread.

Who would want to start an e-mail conversation with someone who suddenly pops up out of nowhere after eight years?

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