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216 coupe not accelerating after cam belt change. - Jamieessex
I have a rover coupe 216 1600i sohc honda engine. Its been pretty good till the cam belt went, but its a non-interference engine so i've fitted a new timing belt, i rotated the engine and double checked it was set up fine ran it, then put it back together, but now everything is back together its gutless and doesn't accelerate that quick. I noticed that last time it was changed they painted marks on the pulleys im wondering if they had mucked it up and changed the ignition timing to make it run? how can i check if this is the case??? cos if poss i don't want to take everything apart again if its not that, could it be something else i did jack the engine up to get the mounting off is there something i could have dislodged???

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216 coupe not excelerating - Screwloose

Have you checked the ignition timing with a strobe?
I've been reading my haynes manual and found that the ignition timming is done by sensors automatically, so have come to the conclusion that when i fitted the new belt i must have a pulley out by a tooth or two since the timing belt is all i played with i recon it must be that since i haven't found any sensors unplugged or vacum pipes un-piped, at present it drives so can get to work although slower than usual it runs doesn't over heat so isn't retarded and pulls fine over 30mph so not doing any damage since its a non-interference engine i can afford to wait till saturday and re do the timing belt then, i recon that'll be the end of my probs will let you know wat happens
jamie wat if yu disconnected the battery and it reset the ecu that may solve it
The obvious thing to suspect here from what you say is that the valve timing is incorrect, ans possibly a tooth out. I'd remove the timing cover and make sure that the belt is fitted properly, and that the timing marks line up correctly.....

I'm glad that reading the Haynes manual has helped; now ignore it and check the strobe timing as this one is adjustable.

If you give me the year and the engine code D16 ?? - I'll even tell you how and what it should be.
I dont know of any non intereference 1600 engine fitted ina 216.

bent some valves I suspect?
It is a honda non-interference engine states it in the book and if the valves were bent it would be smoky and run awfull i know two other people who have had 216's which the timing belt has broke they fitted new ones and ran fine, my problem is that im a tooth out when i fitted a new one and its running advanced the ecu then is over compensating on the ignition timing so it doesn't excelerate that well in low gears but have been driving at 50-70 at times and its been ok bent vave i think not !!! just a little tweak all will be clear saturday when i redo it, its more simple then taking everything off so should take an hour or two will let you know the turn out then

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It probably isn't relevant to yours, if it's only one tooth out; but, for the record, the Honda 1.6 engine is a valve-hitter. You can get lucky with any engine - even a diesel - but it's not a "safe" engine

The ECU makes no compensation; the ignition timing is adjustable by moving the distributor and is thus affected by any cam timing error.

If the cam timing is out - the ignition timing will be out too. It's two minutes with a strobe to check.

with respect, if you know all the answers I am not sure what you are asking?

But the symptoms you give could be bent valve. You have not checked timing as per screwloose either?

But keep us advised anyway?
NON-INTERFERNCE - mick the fix
Hi I have a similar problem 1993 Rover 416 Honda 16 valve SOHC. My daughter fried the head gasket and I had to have a strip down and the lucky that the head was flat and not distorted however the timing mark (plastic bit ) on the inside top timing cover is bent due to the overheating !. I got it back together and timed it by using the lines on the cam sprocket aligned with the surface of the head where the rocker cover fits.

But now it runs poor and stalls as soon as i try to accelerate. I am absolutely sure everything else is now ok except the timing belt.
I since double checked about aligning the cam with the lines on the cam sprocket ( with the "up" mark at 12 o clock ) and found this is recomended for the DOHC. The SOHC says to use the plastic mark - which I cant now rely on .. is there a way of aligning the cam shaft ? say by somthing as solid as a metal surface / refference like on the twin cam.
If the valves are a tooth out can I leave it and reset the spark timing ? will it damage the engine if I can do that ?

PS although the timing can be adjusted at the distributor there is a wire link to fit near the washer bottle that overides the auto advance and you must put that in when stobe timing, although I can hardly see the marks on mine with a stobe.
Any ideas welcome.

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