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2001 - Headlight bulb replacement - agueci
I've got this problem that should be simple. I'm trying to replace my low beam lightbulb but can't get the cover off the unit inside the engine compartment. The manual says turn counter clockwise which the unit does do but it won't disengage. Do I need to have it on the right spot for it to release or is there a trick to getting it to pop off?

Any suggestions appreciated. Cheers.
2001 - Headlight bulb replacement - Raphael J.
Hi Agueci,

In fact when you stand in front of your car you have to turn the white cover clockwise for about a quarter turn to unlock it.

Since the cover is sealed with a rather thick O'Ring, the cover will not just come off. You have to "wiggle" the cover around a bit for the O'Ring (which is compressed) to come loose.

Then the cover comes off.

Note: Your right hand side (as seen standing in front of your car) light bulbs can be changed rather easily, whereas the right hand side is more difficult to get to as your hand will just fit in there; the space is tighter; Only changing the low beams is no problem; the high beam light bulb can be a problem if you have big hands. :-)

Also note to insert the bulb correctly, as it will fit either way and can be locked in place either way. The flat side of the bulb socket has to face up; not down.

All the best,
Raphael J.
2001 - Headlight bulb replacement - agueci
Thanks Raphael. I usually end up breaking a tab or cracking a plastic casing so I wanted to ask someone who had experience. I'm located on Ottawa Canada and it's 10 below zero today so I'm going to wait a couple of days until the temperature climbs to 0 before trying this again.


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