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Just said I'd put this out there. Its regarding my fathers 06 Focus 1.6 Ghia. A few weeks ago it was in for a service at the main dealer. It also needed a warranty job done which replaced a relay for the front heated windscreen. The dealer said this was the first such relay they can recall replacing on this type of car and as a result it took them a few minutes to find it. Everything seemed fine - job done - until the next time my father needed to use the windscreen and noticed it still wasnt working. There was also a loud clicking noise coming from under the bonnet when the heated windscreen was being used which could only be heard when standing outside the car. Since then the bluetooth/voice control function has stopped working altogether. I have tried a search for the car on a few different phones and none show it.

My question realy is are these two systems related and as a result could this be just one problem or are they seperate. The reason I am asking is the car came with a 2 year warranty from new (I live in ROI) and the warranty is just up. The heated windscreen problem has been reported before the warranty expiry date but the bluetooth problem has yet to be reported to the dealer so my father could be left with a rather hefty bill to geth this sorted.

Cheers and sorry for the long drawn out story,


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Ford Focus Windscreen/Bluetooth Problem - Screwloose

Why not get the windscreen problem sorted first and see if that helps the other one? This sounds like a bad earth somewhere.

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