hard ride-1.9 diesel - rcflyer
I,ve posted this on the discussion forum, but with no response so far. Has anyone out there run a new Fabia with the 1.9 diesel? I had the old model and loved it, but the new one- in my opinion, and I have been a professional vehicle engineer in my past,- has a very rough, uncomfortable, harsh ride. Over some of the poor surfaces in this country-(manhole covers inches below the surface- patched holes etc.)- I have the impression that the suspension is pretty solid! Yet I read reviews of the new Fabia range, and note "supple ride"- mine is not "supple"!- its more like a vintage Morgan.! Tyre pressures are constantly checked-infact I regret that I am running them softer than recommended to ease my back.
Any other views please?
hard ride-1.9 diesel - Hamsafar
I don't have one, but could it be due to the wheel and tyre size?
hard ride-1.9 diesel - rcflyer
Yes- Skoda have increased wheel size from 14" to15" (to clear larger discs), and reduced the tyre section from 60 to 55- so it now has "harder" tyres. Also, because the overall height is about 1 1/2" higher, the suspension has been stiffened to combat roll. The Czechs have told me that. For me, that has made it an uncomfortable car, even though its other virtues of wonderful engine and economy, space and compact dimensions are still there. Thanks for your interest-I am still waiting for an opinion from another owner to confirm my impression- or to prove that I am being paranoid about it!
hard ride-1.9 diesel - Pugugly {P}
Roomster runs on 16" wheels and is 43mm higher ride-wise that the standard Roomster, Ride is supple enough for me (as I posted in Discussion)
hard ride-1.9 diesel - rcflyer
For what it is worth, I have now off-loaded this car at some expense in depreciation,learning in the process from one who regularly drives all versions of the new Fabia, that yes, the ride is much firmer on all models. I could not live with it. Farewell Skoda

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