Car cleaning, T-Cutting and final polish. - Tron
There are lots, even ?too many? (ahem, for those of you that like to nit pick grammar, got it right this time?.) types of products on the market to do this with.

Do I have to spend a fortune on car washes, T-Cutting compounds, colour restore and final polishes or is there a product out there that will 'do it all' with minimal effort please?

I have an electric 10" polisher with applicator and lambs wool bonnets - so getting the polishes and T-Cuts off and on is not the issue.

Not 'getting ripped off' by buying two or three products before I find one that works is...

It is a metallic finish paint work that I want to get looking as close to showroom condition as possible.

Also want a polish and combined t-cut that will not stain everything polish residue so you have to go over it again with vinyl black or cleaner adding more cost to the project.

The trade must have products like this ? if they do, who sells it?!

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Car cleaning, T-Cutting and final polish. - martint123
I've used 3M machine polish and hand glaze. With their cloths and pads.
Got if from a body shop supplies place. Just be careful you don't burn or go through the clearcoat with your machine

You're just polishing the clearcoat so there's no point in using any colour restore.
Car cleaning, T-Cutting and final polish. - Tron
Hi Martin,

Could you give me a link to your provider please?

Found this company:

Is this the same products?

Must be good if it costs that much!!!
Car cleaning, T-Cutting and final polish. - martint123
I can't give a link to my supplier as it's a tiny backstreet shop who has never heard of the internet.

Similar to those shown in your link, but I think mine were perfect-it II. They were certainly cheaper than those shown, but I must have bought them 10 years ago - a little goes a very long way.

Machine Polish 1Litre Bottle Ref: 3M09376
3M Perfect-it III Machine Polish

Finishing Glaze 1Litre Bottle Ref: 3M09377
3M Perfect-it III Finishing Glaze

3m's site has some guides as to use, but I can't find my old links.
Car cleaning, T-Cutting and final polish. - Blue {P}
That stuff's very good and very professional by all accounts, I gather it may take a little getting used to.

The best all rounder that I have found on the retail shelves is Auto Glymn Super Resin Polish, it has a mild cutting action together with good polishing abilities that leave the paint beading water for a long time.

If you want to stretch to more than one product you can even top it off with AG Extra Gloss Protection which is a semi-permanent coating to keep it protected for longer, not strictly necessary but I did it to my second Fiesta with excellent results.

With polishing the key is in the preperation though, I can't recommend a Clay Bar highly enough, they remove all of the rubbish from the paint (the stuff you can't see but can feel) and it makes the polish go on much better and provides a better finished result.

But again, if one step is what you really want, the best all rounder would be Super Resin.

Car cleaning, T-Cutting and final polish. - barchettaman
Agree with everything Blue says. Get a claybar - Halfords stock the Meguairs quik clay kit, use plenty of lube.

You might want to have a look on - they´re a friendly bunch, if all a bit OCD. The ´how to´guides are excellent.

AG SRP is an excellent product. Reckoned to be the best at ´swirl removal´by hand.

Best of luck,
Car cleaning, T-Cutting and final polish. - AR-CoolC
Being pedantic barchettaman (and yes I am a member of detailing world) Autoglym SRP is more of a filler than a remover of swirls by hand, but very good at it, it is.

One problem with SRP is the staining of plastic thrim though, and the OP wanted an "all in one" type product that won't stain. To be realistic there isn't a true all in one product out there!

BUT if you follow Blue's advise of a clay bar (preperestion really is the key to a good finish), and are very careful with SRP it's the closest there is to a cheap, over the counter all in one.

For a "straight from the showroom" finish I'd recoment either putting a wax over the SRP or as Blue says get the Extra Gloss Protection from Autoglym. This is a synthetic long lasting sealant which is designed purely to be used over SRP.

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Car cleaning, T-Cutting and final polish. - barchettaman
.....Autoglym SRP is more of a filler than a remover of swirls by hand, but very good at it, it is....

Quite correct - my mistake!

Maybe the OP should get a pro detailer to come round, detail his car for a couple of hundred quid, and get some advice from the detailer about products etc. He could probably show him how to safely use the rotary polisher too.

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