1999 1.8 - Fuel Additives - Sluggish Acceleration - Golddog

I have recently been experiencing some sluggish acceleration mainly noticed in 3rd and 4th gear. If you put your foot down hard the revs jump up but there is a second lag in acceleration. The experience is similar to driving an automatic uphill when you try to accelerate and feel the gear shift down before there is acceleration except my car is a manual!

The car is an Audi A3 1.8 petrol manual built 1999. Air mass meter was replaced about 18 months ago so I am sure it isn't that (thankfully!).

My hope is that maybe there is some crud in the fuel tank which can be blasted out with some fuel cleaner/additive and premium unleaded on a fast stretch of motorway.

Do you have any suggestions or successful additives you have used in the past?

Thank you.

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1999 1.8 - Fuel Additives - Sluggish Acceleration - Altea Ego
If the revs jump up and the car does not move accordingly the only addative you need is a new clutch.
1999 1.8 - Fuel Additives - Sluggish Acceleration - Golddog
This was something I considered given the age of the car but there is still a fair "biting distance" on the clutch when I change gear so I was hoping I could find a cheaper solution. Any idea what a new (used?) clutch will cost me on this model?
1999 1.8 - Fuel Additives - Sluggish Acceleration - Peter.N.
It certainly sounds like the clutch. I dont know the cost of a replacement but it would certainly be false economy to fit a used one as the cost of fitting will probably far exceed the cost of the clutch. If you pull away gently so as not to slip the clutch it could last a lot longer, its only the slipping that causes wear. The clutch on my last XM started slipping at full throttle at about 2k+ revs, I refrained from letting it slip and it was still driving OK when I sold it about 15k miles later.

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