Insurance car hire - dervterrier
A friend of mine was waiting at a roundabout when he was rear ended by another car,the car was a write off(1996 laguna about £600 he had paid for it).He needed a car for work and was told to hire one by his insurance company,he had the hire car for 14 weeks before they agreed it was not worth repairing.How can it make sense to hire a car for 14 weeks then decide to settle the wonder insurance is going up.

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Insurance car hire - rtj70
This is why many insurance companies rely on courtesy cars from their nominated bodyshop. Haye to think what even a Fiesta cost for 14 weeks to hire!

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Insurance car hire - martint123
This is why the courtesy car is rapidly taken off you when the insurer decides to write off your car - there's nothing in it for the repairing garage, so why should they give you the car.
Insurance car hire - dervterrier
This was no fiesta it was a 07 model Seat estate cannot for the life of me understand the economics.I wonder if his insurance company told the other company that he had hired the car.

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