2007 1.6 Zetec - query about dash warning light - Franco50
I picked up my new car today, a 56-reg Focus 1.6 Zetec. While driving home I spotted a warning light on the dash - it is within the rev counter dial and resembles, for want of a better description, a snowflake shape. Most of the time it glowed amber but a couple of miles from home it turned red. As the car came with no owner's handbook I have no idea what this light signifies. I thought perhaps it may have something to do with the air con but I'm probably wrong. Can someone help please?

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2007 Focus - query about dash warning light - Screwloose
Don't know where you are, or what the local temperature is; but it's cold enough here to make an outside temperature ice warning come on.

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2007 Focus - query about dash warning light - jc2
If I remember rightly the amber lght comes on when outside air temp is +5c.and changes to red at 0c.
2007 Focus - query about dash warning light - grahamw
My 2005 Focus is only an LX so does not have this warning light.
I used to have a 2001 Mondeo with the same symbol;
From memory it is a warning of the outside temperature, amber from about +5C then it changes to red from +2C and below, to indicate possible icy conditions.
Very useful IMI, hopes this helps.
2007 Focus - query about dash warning light - Franco50
Thanks for the responses. I bought the car in Edinburgh so your explanations would make sense as the outside temp reading on the dash was between 35-38 deg while I drove home. Its been rather chilly here today! Glad I know the reason now and it is not a fault with the car. Cheers!


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