Rattling roof, sticking brakes, & ECU problems - joejoe
Can anyone help? I purchased a new peugeot 207cc in may this year and so far it has been in the garage 11 times!!!!!! I have a very loud rattling roof, a problem with sticking brakes and has had 3 engine management failures in the last 2 weeks! The garage say their is nothing wrong with the car. Any suggestions please?

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Rattling roof, sticking brakes, & ECU problems - chucker
i bought a 207 cc in july and i"ve got the same problem as you with the roof, i have been to trades description who have advised me to have a full refund or a like for like replacement the car has been in the garage 4 times with new roof clips fitted but have not cured the rattle meeting peugeot technician thursday not letting them do anymore repairs at 4 attempts and failed so money back or like 4 like nothing else will let u know how i get on
Rattling roof, sticking brakes, & ECU problems - jerry
Hi Tony,
I have the same problem as you have got with your 207cc (as in rattling roof).
Can you tell me if you have sorted your one yet and if so what was the out come was.

Thank you
Rattling roof, sticking brakes, & ECU problems - jerry
Update from Jerry.
I have been in touch with my peugeot dealer and told them that under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) I am returning the car and require a cash refund or a different model of car.
I got a template letter from the Trading Standards people.
I have got to go over & see the dealer on the 15/12/07.
I will keep you informed.

Rattling roof, sticking brakes, & ECU problems - jerry
Update on rattling roof on 207cc.
I had my meeting with the sales manager at my Peugeot dealer and the outcome of the meeting is that they are going to give me a different model.
So my advice to all of you is to make up your mind as to what you want and stick to it and if you have any problems ring the Trading Standards people up and they will be pleased to help you.
Rattling roof, sticking brakes, & ECU problems - Judy
Hi Chucker
Can you please tell me the outcome of your meeting with the peugeot technician regarding like for like or your money back. My 207 CC (which was purchased in May) has been in the garage 5 times now for similar roof problems and still not fixed. Don't know where to go from here.

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Rattling roof, sticking brakes, & ECU problems - Red Baron
Does, when a set of clips is replaced, the rattling go away?

If it does, only for it later to return then either the clips are not robust enough to withstand use or the mechanism needs to be so accurately placed otherwise 'give' of the clips is the result.

If the rattle does not go away then the clips are not the problem. Is a gasket or rubber seal missing. Should there be some extra anti-vibration material fitted.

Perhaps even the twist of the chasis is causing the otherwise robust mechanism to flex that much that any stack-up of tolerances causes premature wear in the clips.

Ergo, could be a multitude of things some of which are almost unfixable. Reject the car!
Rattling roof, sticking brakes, & ECU problems - chucker
update to my earlier reply

i have recently had a replacement car to my origanal 207cc
had the car 7 weeks and the problem with the new car is the same
going to get in touch with the dealer and a solicitor to get a full refund back
Rattling roof, sticking brakes, & ECU problems - Daisy16178
The rattling roof appears to be a major problem on this vehicle. My car does exactly the same. Been in twice for the problem and is booked in yet again. Garage seem incapable of diagnosing the fault. It's like driving a rusty sack of nails it's so noisy.Window seals leak (been done twice), engine stalls. First and last Peugeot. An absolute heap of junk.
Rattling roof, sticking brakes, & ECU problems - chucker
i daisy 16178 let me know how you get on my replacment car has got same problem yet again they keep saying they cant hear it butt it sounds like someone druming saucepans in the back off the car it is getting harder to get the dealer to help this time keep passing the buck to peugeot i have know had to employ a solicitor for help and our car is only six months old with 3 years warranty peugeot absolute heap of junk beat you car been in 5 times last time for one month
Rattling roof, sticking brakes, & ECU problems - softtop
Hi, was very interested reading the previous posts. Thought I was the only person having major probs with my 207 rattling roof, fuel sensors, seat belt sensors, squeaky windows, key failure and being locked out of my car etc. I'm being passed from pillar to post with my roof probs, neither the dealer nor Peugeot want to know. I've now got trading standards involved, but ultimately I want my money back and to be able to buy into a car that I can enjoy and trust. Had the car back 7/8 times, 4 time for the roof only. The roofs been off, seats removed to try to resolve the prob to no avail. Can anyone tell me if this is very difficult process and how much can I expect to have to pay for a solicitor to take this up for me?

I'm almost having a nervous breakdown with this heap of rubbish!
Rattling roof, sticking brakes, & ECU problems - tony99
hi softtop i have had the same problem with my 207cc and my solicitor cost me under £200 pounds and know thay r taken notice go to a solicitor and tell them what you can afford thay r very helpful
Rattling roof, sticking brakes, & ECU problems - Andrew-T
Just to make you all feel better - if I designed and built cars with this kind of roof, I would expect a fair number to rattle. Roofless car shells unavoidably flex to some extent, so how do you put the metal roof bits together accurately enough? Get something different.
Rattling roof, sticking brakes, & ECU problems - tony99
ih Andrew t dont see any other models with this problem I have owned the 206cc and with a bit of badLuck two 207cc in the last 17 months when you pay a lot of money for a car that is the last thing you want is rattling roof my last car was so bad thay thought my shocker had snaped and it was banging under the car how do you design a roof to bang that loud

Rattling roof, sticking brakes, & ECU problems - buster1969

I have a Peugeot 207cc and have a problem with the roof. It seems to make my ears feel like I'm in an aeroplane or a drum. It's driving me mad, I have told the peugeot dealership but they say there's no problem, this is after it's been back to them 7 times, as first the roof was rattling and it had the centralising pins replaced twice plus the passenger door seals. but this hasn't helped

Rattling roof, sticking brakes, & ECU problems - puzzler

With regard to the rattling roof. I have the update shape 2010 207cc GT and had a problem with the roof rattling/creaking when up. Its a moving part, so all I did was get a small artists brush, some vaseline (thick enough not to drip unlike oil or WD40) and lubricate all the moving parts including the two locating pins at the front of the roof and the rectangular pin between the two roof sections, making sure I did the moving parts where the roof folds and the moving parts where the roof joins the boot. Two or three full operations of the roof after doing this to make sure the vaseline fully coated the parts and the creaks stopped. You need to do this maybe once or twice a year as and when it dries out but it will stop it. To get to the parts fully, start the engine, allow the roof to fold half way then let go of the button. The roof will hold half way long enough to lubricate. With the engine started and you away from the drivers seat make sure the car is safe on the drive or do it in a garage with the door ajar to stop someone stealing your pride and joy.

Rattling roof, sticking brakes, & ECU problems - Gibbo_Wirral

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