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A4 New Disc/Calliper/Pads now noisy. - Hatsa
We have an Audi A4 which had new calliper discs and pads fitted in April 07. Since then, we've done 1500 miles, which should be plenty to bed in the new brakes. However they still make a squeaking/whining noise and the brake warning light comes on intermittently. We've taken it back to the place it was serviced at twice now, and they've sprayed the brakes with silicon, and say they can't find any other problems. It also shudders intermittently at high speeds, and the brake pedal is very high, stiff and feels like the brakes aren't 'releasing' properly or are sticking when you put your foot on the accelerator. The garage has suggested another diagnostics check. Can anyone recommend an Audi specialist in the West London/Surrey area that may be more reasonably charged than an official Audi garage, or suggest any solution/fix to the problem?


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A4 New Disc/Calliper/Pads now noisy. - Hamsafar
How do I find out what type of A4?

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