Mazda 6 - what's the BR opinion/experiences? - y2k+4
I was wondering what the BR's experiences of the Mazda 6 are, as I have read on a couple of reviews (online) that there has been some issues with the model, and wondered if these were just one-offs, as the car seems to perform well in JD power and Top Gear surveys...I would be considering a model out of warranty which is the reason for my concerns...
Mazda 6 - what's the BR opinion/experiences? - jase1
I think there have been some issues with transmissions with these, the consensus seems to be that they are not as good as the old 626.

Having said that, a lot of people latch on to any faults with Japanese cars and blow them up out of proportion, as if they are on a mission to discredit what they see as the Japanese reliability "myth". Up to you how much faith you place in these reports.
Mazda 6 - what's the BR opinion/experiences? - Screwloose

The petrols seem fine - avoid the diesels at all costs. Lubrication issues; [try finding a second-hand engine] and high-pressure pump problems are the worst.

Mazda's cold and cynical attitude to the many victims is probably the most disturbing issue of all.
Mazda 6 - what's the BR opinion/experiences? - Clk Sec
I?ve had mine for five years now and it?s given me really good service.
Had a minor electrical fault rectified shortly after I bought it and both the tailgate struts were replaced during the first year as they had become quite noisy - and they still are.

It?s a nice car to drive with loads of leg and head room, main dealer servicing, in my experience, is very reasonably priced and it?s so reliable.

I hope to buy the new model within the next year or so.

Clk Sec

PS Mine is the petrol model

Mazda 6 - what's the BR opinion/experiences? - rtj70
I got one (2.0d Sport) for 3 days in July to try and have one on order. In fact it's been "available" since August but as it's a company car I cannot get it until October 8th at the earliest but will wait until 19th or later (holiday and away).

I liked it a lot. Reliability I cannot comment on but had read not refined and road noise. Also read this fixed on later models so can only assume it was because it was not noisy and various roads I tried.

They cannot be that unreliable to be so high in JD Powers etc charts... Not that worries me but it might others.
Mazda 6 - what's the BR opinion/experiences? - adverse camber
I test drove one a couple of weeks ago. the faster diesel engine in an estate.

Went well enough, handled OK, but the killer for me was that the seats were so uncomfortable. I'm 6'4" and the seats seem designed for smaller people. The frame pressed in my shoulder blades, I couldnt drive one any distnace.
Mazda 6 - what's the BR opinion/experiences? - Halmer
I have a friend who has owned one of these cars from new and apart from a few niggles it has been very reliable. I recall a recall that involved a large batch of cars where the wheel arch areas had been 'missed' as part of the spray process for some reason. His was one of these.

Having ridden in it (2.0 petrol) the impression was favourable. Suspension seems a bit unforgiving and the dash plastics a bit hard. It looks well made though and the prices are low. Seemed to have plenty of pull.
Mazda 6 - what's the BR opinion/experiences? - normd2
a mate has one and after he kept going back to the dealer saying there was something wrong with the gearchange - turns out it's as designed - it's just very 'wooly' without feeling. Apart from that ke likes it.
Mazda 6 - what's the BR opinion/experiences? - DP
A mate has a 2.0 diesel as a company car which has done about 60,000 miles and not had a single fault.

Nice looking car and very comfy, but is surprisingly noisy at motorway speeds. Other than that, he loves it.

I'd have one.

04 Grand Scenic 1.9 dCi Dynamique
00 Mondeo 1.8TD LX
Mazda 6 - what's the BR opinion/experiences? - jacks
I've got a 2.0 petrol TS spec. facelift model
bought Feb 2007, mileage so far 8000.

No problems, and the car feels well made. Nice to drive - I really like it. Fuel consumption 33-36 per gallon on mixed use with only occaisional motorway trips.

This car replaced a BMW and whilst the BMW was a better car it wasn't better enough to justify buying another when I could almost have bought 2 Mazda 6's for the price of 1 325SE !!

Mazda 6 - what's the BR opinion/experiences? - dja
Had mine since new 53 2.0d TS estate. Now done 125K and it's going back to the lease company next month. Mine was one of the first, now they are everywhere.

The bad:
Fuel pump failed fairly early, replaced under warranty, think there was a recall
Driver's window motor died, replaced under warranty
Turbo and intercooler died two weeks ago, a big bill (~£3K) from Mazda.
Car has had five bumpers over the past four years.
Noisy when crusing on the motorway

Numerous small dents and chips - has very soft paint and soft bumpers
Interior is holding up well, alcantera is excellent, silver trim scratches fairly easily.

The good:Great looking car - avoid titanium grey and red, mine's blue.
9.6 p/mile fuel over 125K for diesel - more than 40 mpg.
Great drive, handles really well.
Large boot (it's an estate), but nor huge looking (c.f. vectra).
Lots of rear leg room, I'm 5 11" and sit in the back occasionally with ease.

Overall, a good car, I'd worry about interstellar mileage reliability. Avoid the grey TS interior, it's hard to keep looking clean. I'm replacing it with something that's more fun, Eos or Alfa

Mazda 6 - what's the BR opinion/experiences? - Falkirk Bairn
I'm replacing it with something that's more fun Eos or Alfa

Withthe Alfa you might have more fun and make a new acquaintance - the Alfa Service Manager!!
Mazda 6 - what's the BR opinion/experiences? - rtj70
If you were representative of all owners then if most of your repairs were not under warranty (the £3k one a bit high to have to pay!) then i wonder if these cars would feature as high for relability.

Paint sounds as bad as my Mondeo... lots of dings and scratches. "Hundreds" behind the driver door handle and that can only be from my fingers and no ring on that hand either. Passat went back without a scratch after 4 years in 2003.... front end replaced after an accident mind :-)

I'll be getting one of the last (in the replacement to Titanium Grey which is Brilliant Carbon Grey I think) but luckily it's a lease/company car in case I am unlucky. Then the Mondeo has not been great but I quite like it still.

Still trying to bargain an iPod connector for less than £180...
Mazda 6 - what's the BR opinion/experiences? - LinuxGeek
I'm a big fan of Mazda but I think since Mazda has become part of Ford group their reliability has gone somewhat downhill!
Aren't the diesels in Mazda 6 and Mazda 3 PSA sourced?
Mazda 6 - what's the BR opinion/experiences? - rtj70
I'd always thought that Ford only owned part of Mazda, around a third I think.

Even if there is Ford/PSA DNA in the engines I bet having them made in Japan (for the UK market at least) will improve reliability.
Mazda 6 - what's the BR opinion/experiences? - boxsterboy
I thought all the Ford PSA diesels were made in Dagenham? I know they are not made in Japan! The cars may be built there, but not the engines.
Mazda 6 - what's the BR opinion/experiences? - Clk Sec
I've always assumed the petrol engines are built in Japan?

Mazda 6 - what's the BR opinion/experiences? - boxsterboy
I should think they probably are. But rtj70 was talking about the Ford/PSA diesels. The petrol engines have nothing to do with PSA, and possibly nothing to do with Ford??
Mazda 6 - what's the BR opinion/experiences? - dja
The bill was met by the lease company :-)

The dark carbon grey is much nicer than Titanium Grey. Mazda have abandoned light grey interiors.

I'd still recommend one. The drive really is very good. Test drove a Leon FR TDI today, noisy and too firm, but I liked the finish.
Mazda 6 - what's the BR opinion/experiences? - Clk Sec
Thanks, boxterboy.

Just interested in confirming the origin of my own Mazda6 engine. Fairly sure the sales people told me it was Japanese when I bought the car five years ago.
Mazda 6 - what's the BR opinion/experiences? - y2k+4
I already know that the Mazda 6 engines are not PSA-sourced. They are Mazda-own. That said, with Mazda's limited experience of the technology, you have to wonder whether this is a necessarily good thing?

I will be considering the petrol models - does anyone have any specific experience of the 1.8 vs. the 2.0?

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