00 Alarm Problems on a C200 Kompressor - stevek
A neighbour has problems with the remote keyfobs not working intermittently. We have changed the batteries but the problem still persists. Before taking it to a Mercedes dealer (and opening wallet wide) can anyone give us any basic things to check. Where is the alarm/remote unit on the car as |I was wondering if we unplugged it it may be a connector problem.

00 Alarm Problems on a C200 Kompressor - Big Vern
it would be worth trying to correlate if the keyfobs work more often in certian locations. For example it ALWAYS works at home but not so often at work etc.

The key fobs will work on 433 or 315 Mhz and if there is a correlation to a location it would suggest there is something nearby interfereing with the signal, so therefor it is a waste of money going to Mercedes....
00 Alarm Problems on a C200 Kompressor - elekie&a/c doctor
There are a few simple checks as a start.Make sure the batteries in the remote are up to spec ,I have seen a lot of new "duds".If you have a voltmeter they should be at least 3 volts each.(IIrc these take 2x2025 batts).Also check the door pin/courtesy switches by the door latches (black square plastic)for damage.If these do not shut off ,the system will not lock(it thinks doors are open).hth


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