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...Earlier this year it broke down with all the symptoms of a failed injector (Very rattly, lack of power and smoke).

A diesel injection specialist replaced one of the injectors but it broke down a few days later. Another injector was replaced but it broke down again. A few days later another breakdown and the garage replaced the final two injectors.

The car ran OK for a month or so before breaking down with the same symptoms. However, this time the fault cleared itself after being turned off and allowed to "rest". The car was taken to a main dealer who interrogated the ECU and found that a "Lift sensor failure" had been recorded. They replaced the Lift sensor and also the engine speed sensor and cleared the fault code from the ECU.

The car has since failed a further three times with the same symptoms! I'm waiting for a call back to see when the garage will be able to look at the car again.

Above taken from a 2005 post regarding similar symptoms.

Have been experiencing almost the same problems with my berlingo sounded like a football clacker going over time settled when I stopped but then started over idling for about 30-40 seconds when left to idle. Citroen say there is nothing they can do as no fault shows when connected to the computer....they have fiddled with the idling speed then she started cutting out when changing down to take corners so they changed the air filter then a injector ...and she had just had her 50 000 mile they say it's not worth looking any further, they did say they would send the engine away to a diesel injection service in England- we're in Dundee Scotland- which would cost hundreds.....Is it only Citroen dealers that will be able to look at a Berlingo or would other dealers ie Peugot look into this and get a result...any help would be appreciated

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well ,it is French after all..does not have to be logical- or follow any rules
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There's a Bosch Fuel Injection outfit listed in Dundee; maybe the garage has bodged and doesn't want you to find out:)
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For a start, don't bother with main dealers, they usually use the local fuel injection specialist when things get a bit technical.
Do any injectors have a sensor / cable attached to them ?

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