Anti CLOG Campaign - cheddar
OK, mid lane hogging is crass though it is hypocritical of gov to blame users for congestion when the authourities seem bent on reducing average speeds which only serves to increase congestion.

How about:

CARPOTS - Campaign Against Re-Phasing Of Traffic Signals

CASEAARG - Campaign Against Speed Enforcment As A Revenue Generator

CFIIRIIAMEBC - Campaign For Investement In Road Infrastructure In Areas Mosts Effected By Congestion

ATEMRTRIIBITTI - Action To Ensure That Motoring Related Tax Revenue Is Invested Back Into The Transport Infrastructure

Anti CLOG Campaign - Lud
Let's hope it will be enforced, because these drivers probably don't read or look at driving advice videos from the government.

Many of course, as has been pointed out here, will be avoiding the left-hand lane after a taste or two of the sort of tramlining that can affect some cars when they drive in the ruts made by pounding HGVs. In some cars with worn steering or bad tracking this can be alarming especially in the wet. And it may not occur to everyone to drive to one side or the other to minimise this effect.

However I hesitate to recommend a resurfacing programme, the way roadbuilders go about it these days... cure will be worse than problem for months at a time :o{
Anti CLOG Campaign - wobblyboot
It seems to me that middle lane hogging has become more of an issue since the introduction of speed limiters for trucks. The cars want to go slightly faster than the trucks, and don't bother moving over as then they might have trouble getting back out when they come to the next truck...this leads to a build up of traffic behind them, making it even harder to get out, so they stay put.
Anti CLOG Campaign - Flying Red
I agree - there's not much point in exhorting drivers to pull over to the left unless there's some emphasis on allowing vehicles back into the middle lane when they need to overtake a slower vehicle.
Anti CLOG Campaign - Lud
The same people who hog the middle lane in a hypnotised waddling line are the ones who don't let anyone out of the left-hand lane. If everyone drove at their own speed, overtaking, leaving decent spaces and staying out of the way of faster traffic, our motorways would be safer and less annoying.

But they don't. They follow each other nose to tail at the speed of the mimser at the front like scuttling processions of mating Pacific crayfish. About the same level of intellectual activity going on too.
Anti CLOG Campaign - boxsterboy
CAPHOL - Campaign Against Proposed High Occupancy Lanes. These will reduce road capacity at a stroke and increase congestion.

CAM4BL - Campaign Against M4 Bus Lane. For too long now this has reduced road capacity and increased congestion.
Anti CLOG Campaign - Civic8
Untill they sort out the tram lines poor road surface slow lorries on M20/A20,i am staying in the middle lane,so there
Anti CLOG Campaign - Lud
No one will mind as long as you cruise at a speedometer 80, overtaking when necessary mmd. Just don't be a Pacific prawn.
Anti CLOG Campaign - L'escargot
The drivers who annoy me are those in the middle lane who overtake at a speed only marginally greater than drivers in the left-hand lane. During my commute I regularly used to ovetake in the outer lane and then once I'd got past I was able to go straight from the outer lane to the inner lane in one manoeuvre.
Anti CLOG Campaign - Nsar
Complete waste of money - make it an endorseable offence and issue a few thousand points/fines in a month and the message would go round like wild fire. Problem solved.
Anti CLOG Campaign - Westpig
No point whatsoever doing this.......complete and utter waste of time UNLESS you're going to enforce it.

Most police forces have dramatically fewer traffic cops than they ever used to, so there's really no one available to enforce it.

Only traffic cops can police motorways.

Why waste public money advertising this, because people who take note of motoring laws, highway code, govt adverts on road safety etc.....are not your target audience..'s the thick mimser with his brain in nuetral or selfish git who doesn't care two hoots about anyone else........neither of whom will pay/take any notice
Anti CLOG Campaign - Mad Maxy
Agree with Westpig's and similar comments above.
Anti CLOG Campaign - daveyjp
The Telegraph readers story doesn't surprise me.

To be honest I see so many of these plonkers I just pass them and get on with life.

I had two noticeable CLOG members on my trip to Cardiff last week.

Case one: Young female, looking nervous, chest up to steering wheel doing 60-65. Looked a candidate for 'I've just passed my test and am scared to death of motorways, I'll stay here so I don't have to change lanes'.

Case two: 20+ year old Mercedes van, larger than a Transit. Belching smoke and strugging to do 60 on the flat. Slight incline resulted in a speed of less than 60. Motorway quiet, but middle lane was his domain. Candidate for 'I don't give a toss that I'm inconveniencing everyone, I'm too stupid to use my brain and you lot aren't going to tell me what to do'.

Case One: Pass Plus should be obligatory for everyone, but it needs tweaking as not everyone lives near motorways - how about non-motorway licences? As an incentive subsidise the cost. Most new drivers see another £120 for something they don't need as a step too far, despite incentive of cheaper insurance. My first trip after passing my test was three junctions of the M1 at rush hour!

Case Two: Needs Mr Plod to pull him over - chances are the van wasn't roadworthy anyway, so two birds with one stone. Penalty for driver and dangerous vehicle off the road.

Anti CLOG Campaign - Cliff Pope
I basically agree with you, daveyjp, but example 1 is not necessarily quite so simple.
The M4 near Cardiff has a number of junctions where Lane 1 becomes a filtering off lane, or the newly joined lane 1 soon filters off again. Unless you know the road well it is hard to work out which lane to get in. Couple that to the lovely hobby lots of experienced drivers have of blocking people who get stuck in a lane 1 filter and not letting them back into Lane 2, and you can see why for many the best course past Cardiff is to stay in Lane 2.
Anti CLOG Campaign - Westpig
. Couple that to the lovely hobby lots of experienced drivers have of blocking people who get
stuck in a lane 1 filter and not letting them back into Lane 2 and you can see why for many the best course past Cardiff is to stay in Lane 2.

If you get to the stage where you allow yourself to be blocked in......unless you're in very heavy traffic or driving something big and/or slow..... you're not driving properly. It means you haven't anticipated the changing conditions very well, have not upped your speed or been prepared to accelerate and/or given the other driver plenty of warning of your pre-planned intent.

Mimsering along with brain in neutral, then deciding at the last minute you want to change lanes, is not going to endear yourself the overtaking driver one little bit... and might cause them to not 'let you out'.......particularly if they themselves are being or are about to be overtaken.

The only reason their best option is to stay in lane 2 is their lack of awareness and lack of ability...which ought to be addressed......not just hog the middle lane.
Anti CLOG Campaign - Ian G
I often see a chequer-board effect of cars dotted in lanes 1 and 2 - seperated by say 200 -500 yards. typically driving between 56mph and 70.

Then, in lane 3 there is a constant string of nose tail cars who basically want to go faster.

No-one in lane 3 wants to pull over into the mire and "lose their space".

Lane 2 drivers don't want to get stuck in lane 1, but don't want to speed in lane 3.

Lane 1 are obviously travelling at what is a limited or sensible speed for them.

The enevitable result, after miles of tailgating, aggresive driving or use of full beam lights by lane 3 drivers wanting to go faster is someone will go charging up the left, until they reach a car they can't get round, and will try and cut in. If they're lucky, they'll have leapfrogged about 6 cars ahead.

The equally enevitable result is lane 3 will bunch up even more to prevent the above chap (and it is always a bloke) from getting in.

Outcome = extremely unsafe driving on a road that isn't all that busy.

Solution = ? If I knew, I'd patent it and sell it to the HA.

make lane 1 drivers go faster?
stop lane 3 drivers wanting to speed?
introduce speed ranges for each lane?
allow undertaking?

the only real solution is of course to enforce lane discipline in lane 2 and 3, and convince people that performing constant manoueveres in and out of lanes 1 and 2 is better than the status-quo we've now got.

But the problem with just demanding proper policing of this in my mind is of course the fact that people stuck in lane 3 compaining are all speeding anyway!

If police patrol car numebrs were to increase, they'd have you for speeding well before being a CLOG member.


Anti CLOG Campaign - Cliff Pope
That is true in general, Westpig. But in this particular example, and doubtless others, there is nothing to warn you when you move into lane 1 that it will turn into a filter-off only in a few miles. By the time it does tell you, Lane 2 is commonly full of rush hour traffic, or locals who knew it wasn't going to continue as a real lane.
Anti CLOG Campaign - Lud
A point people seem to be neglecting is that even if everyone is driving more or less perfectly, when traffic density reaches a certain level on motorways drivers are going to have to wait sometimes for a gap to nip into, whether to the right or to the left.

Are we perhaps sometimes gnashing our teeth prematurely, because there simply isn't a gap available? I know I tend to.

This is not a defence of middle lane mimsers or mating Pacific crayfish. We all know carp driving when we see it. But sometimes everyone, carp drivers and good ones included, is trapped in high-density traffic that makes real progress impossible most of the time, the sort of stuff that even real pushy hooligans have trouble getting through.
Anti CLOG Campaign - Mad Maxy
Why not use the big high-level info signs when they're not needed for some other message? Having each one showing 'KEEP TO LANE 1 WHEN NOT OVERTAKING' might eventually get the message home (to some CLOGS/middle-lane mimsers.
Anti CLOG Campaign - oldbuffer
Perhaps the answer is overtaking on either side, it seems to work safely in other high volume traffic countries.

I think we need an OTOES (overtake on either side) campaign.

Anti CLOG Campaign - Group B
Why not use the big high-level info signs when they're not needed for some other
message? Having each one showing 'KEEP TO LANE 1 WHEN NOT OVERTAKING'

They do that on the M1 on very rare occasions. I guess within the last year, driving on it twice a day, I have seen "Keep Left Unless Overtaking" displayed less than a dozen times. I agree it ought to be a default message, when there is nothing else to display..
Anti CLOG Campaign - L'escargot
............ 'KEEP TO LANE 1 WHEN NOT OVERTAKING' .........

Some drivers don't seem to know what "lane 1" is or what constitutes "overtaking".
Anti CLOG Campaign - Civic8
>>If you get to the stage where you allow yourself to be blocked in.

The amount of traffic you see on the M4 and distance between motors makes it near on impossible to get out of the inside lane if you happen to be in it
Anti CLOG Campaign - Lud
traffic you see on the M4 and distance between motors makes it
near on impossible

At certain times of the day, London bound inside the M25, yes. And the already-mentioned outside lane turned into a bus lane is no help at all.
Anti CLOG Campaign - boxsterboy
CAPHOL - Campaign Against Proposed High Occupancy Lanes. These will reduce road capacity at a
stroke and increase congestion.

Even better

CRAPHOL - Campaigning Roadusers Against Proposed High Occupancy Lanes!
Anti CLOG Campaign - daveyjp
When traffic is heavy not changing lanes is probably more advisable and on the M42/M25 variable limit stretches they actually tell you not to change lanes.

Both the young girl I saw and the van were seen during quiet times - the girl at about 7am in the morning, the van late on Sunday afternoon. No reason for them to be in the middle lane at all as there was very little in the inside lane.
Anti CLOG Campaign - Group B
On Saturday evening I was driving up the M1 and came across a blue Citroen C2, with no 'L' plates but with grey stickers on it saying "Motorway Tuition". The occupants looked every bit the instructor and a middle-aged female instructee, so I assumed that was the case.

The traffic was fairly light, quite a few cars about but there was ample, repeated opportunities to get back over into lane 1, which would have been appropriate in the conditions and at the speed she was travelling. But for all the time I could see this C2, perhaps two minutes at the speed I was going, it sat in the middle lane.

I can only assume that she is a timid driver and this instructor wants her to get a feel for motorway driving before introducing such advanced concepts as lane discipline and courtesy to fellow motorists?!
Anti CLOG Campaign - daveyjp
M62 Sunday morning heading East after Ferrybridge - v quiet.

Queue of traffic in middle lane. A car, a new Jeep V8, Pug 206 (fully loaded), me. All in middle lane overtaking. First car is going a bit slower, so as it is catching the Jeep the Pug pulls out to overtake Jeep and first car.

First car pulls in
Jeep speeds up
Being full Pug can't compete so slows and pulls in behind Jeep
Pug had overtaken first car by now and quite rightly pulled into left hand lane to be in front of it.
Jeep then slows down whilst still in middle lane
Jeep SLOWED even more!
Pug was catching up the Jeep.
When Pug was on Jeep back bumper (and probably wondering what was going on) Jeep indicated left!
Jeep then accelerated, pulled in front of Pug and slammed on!! You could see the Jeep driver waving is arms about like a loon.
I overtook them both, Jeep driver was at least 70 and obviously thought he was there to control traffic.
Next junction Pug enters exit slip road and Jeep then dives in front of him again!
The Jeep driver wasn't fit to be on the road. From what I saw over about 5 miles the Pug driver did absolutely nothing wrong.
Anti CLOG Campaign - artful dodger {P}
Reading the posts so far it seems we are generally in agreement that "other" drivers should be made to change from lane 2 to lane one whenever possible.

On Saturday I drove down from the Lake District to Kent towing a dinghy, this meant my speed was restricted to 60mph. I estimate over this distance it took only 30 minutes longer than at 70mph.

Most of the time I used lane 1, but needed to use lane 2 to pass slower vehicles. If there was little traffic this was very easy, but if there was a fair amount of traffic changing lanes became a problem and timing it correctly was difficult. When indicating no other lane 2 driver was prepared to slow down and let me out.

Lane 1 for long stretches was deeply rutted by the heavy goods traffic. For a car this can be uncomfortable driving, but for a car with a heavy trailer/caravan it can cause the start of a snake (from past experience). Why do we have to suffer such poor road maintaince?

The restriction of 56mph speed limiters for HGV's meant my overtaking time for passing one lorry was greater than I would have liked. As we all know HGV's frequently come in bunches, so it could take me many minutes and miles to pass several vehicles, thus slowing other road users to my speed.

Over this long journey we had only two holdups, both were caused by rubber neckers. The first was 2 Police cars had stopped 2 bikers on the hard shoulder. The second was a 4 car shunt with 2 Highways Agency patrol vehicles and one Police car in attendance, again all on the hard shoulder. Why lanes 2 and 3 had to pass at 10mph defeats me, and also once the road cleared why do some drivers take so long to return to their previous speed. If the Venturi effect was true in driving then the cars would pass at their original speed as there was no constriction.

On a different point, holding lanes in some urban motorways is essential to leave by the correct exit. This is especially true on the M8 in Glasgow where there is an exit slip from lane 3 (who ever designed this madness should be shot!).

We have a fairly extensive motorway network that is creaking under the strain of more vehicles using it than originally planned. The only solution is to improve the network further. Campaigns like CLOG are a minor help, but will not solve the over riding problem of lack of investment in our roads. We should be campaigning for more of the money raised from the motorist to be spent on roads.

A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well.

Anti CLOG Campaign - Sofa Spud
If we're not allowed to drive in the middle lane how do we get to the 'fast' lane? LOL

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