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Corsa C (52 reg) starting problems?? - penelopepitstop
Hiya, i don't know whether anyone can help, but i have a corsa C 1.2 club (52 reg) with only 31000 miles, and it has a very intermittent starting problem....... basically you press the key fob to open the car and the dashboard lights should come on, if they do come on then the car will start fine, however more often than not, the lights do not illuminate and when that happens the car will not start it sort of starts and then immediately stalls (like the immobiliser is kicking in) however i don't believe it is the immobiliser because i have tried starting the car with the immobiliser in the key fob taken out and it does a similar sort of thing, (i.e starts and then stalls) but the immmobiliser light on dashboard will then come on. The worst thing is, occasionally if the car does start, then whilst driving along the car dashboard will sometimes fail and then the speedo, rev counter and fuel guage will not work, also indicators etc fail, although the car will still drive, it will usually come back into life after 10 minutes of driving?? .... you will probably say go and get a diagnostic test done, well i did exactly that at Vauxhall, but they said that there was nothing wrong with the vehicle and even test drove it and said the same thing and then charged me £50 for priviledge. So now i'm stuck with this intermittent problem (i think it is getting worse) but very reluctant to go back to Vauxhall to get it diagnostic check again in case they find nothing wrong again and charge another £50?? has anyone had a similar problem and knows what it could be, or any suggestions as what the problem is i would be very gratfeul. Regards Natalie
Corsa C (52 reg) starting problems?? - elekie&a/c doctor
This is a well known problem and I am a little surprised that Vauxhall did not pick up on it.There is an electrical connector block on the back of the instrument pod that becomes loose and prevents the car from starting and causes the gauges and warning lights to become erratic.Suggest you go back to the dealer and ask them to fix it for the £50 that has just been spent.hth
Corsa C (52 reg) starting problems?? - sails north
if its not starting when you need it to, just give it a tap on the dashboard
Corsa C (52 reg) starting problems?? - penelopepitstop
HIya, thanks guys for your quick replies, i think you are right about the pod at the back of the dashboard, i went to another Vauxhall dealership and they said straight away that they reacon its the pod thats causing the problems, so ive booked her in to be done soon. (i also went back to the first dealership, deleted - {as per the no naming & shaming policy - DD} in case anyone is stupid enough to take their car there, and they did not want to know basically!!!)
So thanks for your help, ill let everyone else i know what a great website this is........
Corsa C (52 reg) starting problems?? - Turner1963

Green flag couldnt find anything wrong, but my Daughters Corsa started, then died....started then died.

They told her "its the crank sensor, or the lambda sensor...8 out of 10 calls are old Corsa's. Probably the engine is shot. Get another car luv"

They towed it home and I got the "dad" call.

I found this thread and the word "immobilisor" got ,me thinking.

I took the spare key to the car and it fire up like a dream. The original key...starts, then dies (flashing engine light)

The key has a RFID like transponder which the immobiliser must see.

You wouldnt think an X-reg Corsa C 12V would have an immobilsor...but it does!

Always try your spare key before your wallet. May not help, but I thought I would tag this on in case some one else fell here from the description you typed in google.

I did!

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Corsa C (52 reg) starting problems?? - Avant

That's a really helpful post - thank you very much. There are many of us who wouldn't have thought of that.


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