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Astra door wont open - Mahooo
The passenger door on my wifes Astra is refusing to open. It is a 1998 1.6LS five door. One of the first of the newer shape.
The car just refused to unlock on that door a couple of days ago. I have removed the interior door panel and everything appears to be as the haynes manual describes. Using a meter I can see that the multiplug on the lock unit is getting a signal when the central locking is operated.
It appears to me that the lock unit itself has jammed. The problem is that to remove/replace the lock unit you need to be able to open the door......which I cant.

The door was in constant use as my daughter has her baby seat in the front, so I dont think its a case of the door itself sticking shut. I think it's the lock mechanism......but I could be wrong....

Anyone come across this before? Any advice?


Astra door wont open - bell boy
any advice?
>>>>>>>>>>> can only suggest you get vehement with all the waggly bits you can find and see if this shocks it into opening,cant say i would be happy to have to dismantle the thing with a hammer and chissel as the last bit to go is usually the hardest bit to break (baring in mind they are designed as anti burst in an accident)
sorry mate
Astra door wont open - pafosman
Making the assumption that a Corsa and the Astra are the same, I have had a similar problem. The fact that you refer to a connection implies it has central locking, yes? My local dealer merely shrugged and said 'the modules gone' which I believe meant that multiblock thing is shot. It was replaced on the driver's side but months after the fault re-occured. All I did was to reach down into the depths of the passenger door and fiddle about with all the wires. I think that somehow two of the connections had got too close and were shorting across. After I had made sure there was a gap between all the spade connectors ( by feel only) the system has worked OK. Just a word of caution - mine was complicated by the fact that a previous owner had fitted an after market alarm 'on top of' the VX central locking.
Hope this may be of some help? maybe I was just lucky!

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