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Written Off Car - Finance Position ? - raff
I have bought a car from a private seller as a total loss (cat d) with engineers report. The car is a cat d but i have just done a HPI that came down as finance owed (don't know how much as they could not tell me, due to data protection) As this car is a total loss will the previous sellers insurance pay the finance company when paying for the car?? and will the finance company take back the car even though its severly damaged?? please help guys!!!

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Written Off Car - Finance Position ? - bell boy
facts first
car not yours unless finance cleared
seller not allowed to sell it unless finance cleared
the seller to the seller who sold it to you is not allowed to sell it till finance cleared

the strange bit

why did seller have an engineers report
why did you do a hpi after the event

the thing to do now

take it back and demand your money back

a few background details on cars of this ilk

a car is financed up at a two bit dealers,car is worth £2000 tops but is financed up at £5000 over 5 years,the financed person gets fully comprehensive insurance as a stipulation of the deal but will only get paid out £2000 tops=deficit of £3000 ,you will normally find these cars from 2 bit finance houses are ill kempt badly maintained cars where the owners use their girlfriends head to shut the door with and she more than likely cuts her toenails in the car and leaves the clippings in the sharg pile

obviously all names have been changed to protect the guilty,be careful out there,it sucks ;-O
Written Off Car - Finance Position ? - Aprilia
First of all, I assume you have the name of the finance co.? Give them a call and see if financed still owed. In the past I have experience of finance co's being slow to update records.

If money still owed then get back to the seller PDQ.
Written Off Car - Finance Position ? - bell boy
i think you only get the finance house details if you do a trade hpi,but would be interested to hear different,anyone?
Written Off Car - Finance Position ? - bhoy wonder

You have just cheered my morning up with your comments up. Made me smile.

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