Ford Escort R reg - Part Problem - mudgie
I have had my cambelt / timing belt changed last september by a rapid fit / ford dealer garage but from a rattling noise this morning it has been discovered that the belt has possibly snapped !!! ..... Im now getting very worried that im going to have a huge bill to pay. Does anyone know whether I am covered under any sort of parts warranty ?? I cant find any details of cover and I havent asked the garage as yet as they havent confirmed what the exact problem is ..... I have taken the car back to the ford garage i get all my work done too. Thankyou if anyone can answer my question.
Ford Escort R reg - Part Problem - DP
If the belt had snapped, the engine wouldn't run at all, and you would be looking at a new cylinder head at the very least. If the engine runs, the belt hasn't snapped.

That said, the rattle does need investigating quickly, and if it's related to the timing belt, or anything they disturbed to change the belt, they should pay for the repairs. Most main dealers cover their work for 12 months from date of repair, and as you used a main dealer, you shouldnt have any hassles.

Let us know what they say.

Ford Escort R reg - Part Problem - Civic8
Belt may have possibly slipped so pistons are just touching the valves,seen it a few times on different cars,replacement belt/ tensioner cures the problem with no damage to valves luckily
Ford Escort R reg - Part Problem - mudgie
Right ...... an update !!

The car is covered by warranty so I dont have to pay a thing .... yipeeee. They are going to do the best they can to get it done today, but they are ringing me back in a bit to let me know when it be ready to pick up. Apparently the arm ?? completely disintegrated, ball bearings and all sorts all over the place. They mentioned how lucky i was as there apparently has been no damage at all to the engine and all of them there are baffled how there wasnt more damage.

Thank God !! Many thanks for all your advice and help on this matter, very much appreciated.
Kind Regards
Ford Escort R reg - Part Problem - TurboD
Well, keep them in mind in future- a lucky find a garge that actually takes responsibility for mistakes!
Your car is, in fact ,probably worth very little , so you are lucky they don't just buy you off.

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