Underboot spare wheels - Brian
Just a word of (I hope) wisdom.
When I had to change a wheel on my Peugeot 309 I found that the hook arrangement which holds the spare wheel carrier up had rusted onto the threaded shaft and was immobile to the extent that I had to cut the bolt to get it off.
I know that I should have checked it more regularly, but the hook is steel with a forward-facing slot down it which collects salt spray and muck, then directs it round the thread and rusts it on PDQ.
The car had been professionally serviced, but that is obviously not on the schedule.
So: It is worth dropping the spare wheel on this type of arrangement and giving the hook and shaft a good dose of grease so that it comes down freely when you need it in an emergency.
Re: Underboot spare wheels - Gwyn Parry
Thank You

An evening under the wife's Pug 106 bekons
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....better than an evening under the w...... no, don't even go there!
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Midnight Marauder wrote:
> ....better than an evening under the w...... no, don't even
> go there!

You beat me to it...!
Re: Underboot spare wheels - Gwyn Parry
Ooh er Mrs !
Re: Underboot spare wheels - Ashley
Why do motor manufacturers still put spare wheels in carriers ? Surely it can't be that hard to put a wheel well in. My 30 year old Wolseley has a spare wheel tray at the rear and it's a right pain to have to wind it down to get the wheel out. That said it was built 30 years ago, so why are they still doing it ? It takes me a minute to get the spare wheel from the boot of my Polo, and another to put it all back in. In that time you've hardly started to wind the carrier down, and it's probably worse when it's raining ! Also, my Wolseley has p.a.s, so why are cars still made without it ? Then again that's another topic isn't it.


Ash. ( 1 puncture in 5 yrs, occurred outside home, fingers still crossed )
Re: Underboot spare wheels - Andrew Tarr
It won't take you only 1 minute when the boot is crammed full of your holiday luggage !!
Re: Underboot spare wheels - Tom Shaw
My wife and I run two Citreon Saxo's on our Driving School, also cursed with underboot spares. The thieving B*****ds who made off with them cost us £140. It takes a thief about 5 seconds to spring the carrier and remove the wheel, according to my local dealer. Either fit a security device, or put a worn tyre in the carrier.
Re: Underboot spare wheels - Chris
It's not a bad idea to put the (dry) spare wheel in a tightly attached black bin bag to prevent the tyre perishing. As for thieves: a hydropneumatic Citroen is the only answer. With the suspension fully deflated the spare wheel is all but inaccessible.
Re: Underboot spare wheels - Chris
To my last post I should have added the idea of painting the spare bright yellow - impossible to sell and therefore not worth nicking.
Re: Underboot spare wheels - Brian
Not so good to paint the spare a funny colour if you stick to recommended procedure and rotate the wheel positions, including the spare.
However, OK if you keep a just legal tyre as spare and only replace/rotate the road-contact wheels.
Re: Underboot spare wheels - Darcy Kitchin
If you had a Citroen D or CX, the spare would be secure and invisible under the bonnet, and clean, warm and dry when you needed it!
Re: Underboot spare wheels - Mark
ditto for when you have to wind the spare wheel down from inside the boot as per the 106!

Mind u, in my car (audi 80) the spare wheel is on the side of the boot so it doesn't take very long to get it out even with the holiday luggage (never had to find out though, fingers crossed!).

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