Fiat Seicento - Sticking revs - stunorthants26
Usually after a hot run, my Seicento tends to hold onto its revs when you change gear - it takes 3-5 seconds before they die down if I just dip the clutch and dont go for the next gear.

It doesnt happen that much in local driving but its very consistant when the car is warmed through properly.

Im assuming its just a sticky throttle ( the pedal feels a little stiff in its initial travel anyway ) and intend to WD40 all the joints I can see and try and squirt a bit onto the cable where i can - is this the best thing to do and most likely cause of the problem?

Just wondering if there is a common fault with this on the cars?

Many thanks for any suggestions

{Car make & model added to subject header to make it less vague - DD}

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