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Corolla Ignition Switch - Sherry
Hi! I have got a R reg Toyota Corolla and i am unable to start it. key goes in the ignition switch but the switch does not turn...... could any one tell me about the problem please and the cheapest way to get it fixed,as i have just bought the car few days ago...... many thanks
Corolla Ignition Switch - Demon
Assume you've tried the obvious, that the steering's not locked and you've given the wheel a wiggle whilst trying to turn the key...?!?!
Corolla Ignition Switch - Sherry
no the steering is not locked, someone told me that i need to get the ignition barrel, which is over 200 from toyota as they are selling the full ignition kit.... i am looking for a cheaper way to get the problem fixed.......
HELP! Toyota Corolla key not turning - Sherry
Hi! i need some help.
I have R reg Toyota corolla and the key does not work in ignition switch.......
the ignition switch will not turn so cant start the car, (steering wheel is not locked)
i asked a mechanic and he told me that i need ignition barrel
went to Toyota and they sell full ignition kit which is over 230 pounds.....

is there a way i can fix this one? or can i buy the barrel cheaper from somewhere?

anyone has any ideas let me know please....thanx

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HELP! Toyota Corolla key not turning - Saltrampen
Ignition switch will not turn - Have you tried the spare key? Did you get a spare key?
Is it the correct key? Sometimes the locks may have been changed and maybe a different key for the ignition.
Make sure the previous owner has given you all the keys.

I had similar problem with a 93 - 97 model corolla, barrel was £60 + 1 hour labour by Toyota. (so £120 inc VAT)
But you may have the next model Corolla (round headlhights) so not sure if if applies for your model.
You can sometimes fit them yourselves - the main problem is sometimes the steering wheel and top of dash has to come off and there maybe some soldering involved.

However mine didn't go suddenly if gradually got stiffer and needed wiggling + WD40 after many months it was almost impossible, so got it changed.

Not sure if the R reg may have an electronic keycode built in to it, again, that could be a problem.
(One for the dealer to confirm) ...normally would mention this in the owners handbook.

You can get a barrel maybe from scrapyard, but a large part of the cost will be labour.


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