3.0 V6 mondeo not dropping revs - smoke
The mondeo has started to do something strange (its a 3.0 ST220). Over this weekend it has suddenly developed a problem whereby it has moments where it doesn't drop its revs when the clutch is depressed; in fact there is a slight increase in revs. This is always cured by restarting the car, but it has happened a few times now and i don't know what is going on. There is no misfire from the engine when this problem is occuring. Any ideas what the problem could be before going to the garage. I thought maybe idle control or throttle return spring, but i am no mechanic. (the other problem is that its an intermittent problem and could well recieve the response of (could not find problem sir).
thanks for any advice
3.0 V6 mondeo not dropping revs - cheddar
There is a clutch pedal position sensor/switch connected to the ECU, on a TDCI if this is out of adjustment the effect can be for the car to seem to run away from you as you let the clutch out after a gear change. It does, or should not, effect the idle speed per se' rather the ECU gives the engine some welly because it thinks a stall is happening due to a mis-reading the relative positions of the clutch and throttle. Probably the same effect on a V6.
3.0 V6 mondeo not dropping revs - dxp55
Ask your question here - go forums then V6 engines www.fordmondeo.org/forum/index.php?
3.0 V6 mondeo not dropping revs - smoke
Thanks have done so, no response yet though :-)
Took it to dealership "no problem sir" , and the car did it on the way back home. Would dodgy fuel cause this as it all started after a fill of petrol half the tank of which is still in the car??
3.0 V6 mondeo not dropping revs - cheddar
The fact that the symptoms are triggered by depressing the clutch indicated clutch position sensor, see my post above, perhaps mention this to the dealer.
3.0 V6 mondeo not dropping revs - smoke
Thanks chedder will do when i book it in

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