'02 vectra w/s washer renewal - colfair
Hi everyone, the problem i have with my '02 vectra is that my windscreen washer motor runs but no water comes out !! Ihave checked the nozzles are free and theres water in the reservoir! I disconnected the pipe at the nozzles but still no water so i assume that the motor is all gunged up. what i need to know is, how do i remove the washer motor without removing the front bumper ? Any hints/ cheats/ would be most gratefully received . TIA
'02 vectra w/s washer renewal - markengland
I assume this is a new shape Vectra? If so I had exactly the same on my 53 plate. You need to do it every few weeks which is a real pain. Its a thimble-style filter made from black rubber which sits at the bottom of the washer reservoir next to the pump and it gets coated with slime and consequently blocked. You need to remove the front passenger wheel arch lining (about 4 or 5 small hex screws from memory). You should then see the washer bottle and you need to pull the motor upwards, away from the bottle. Give the thimble a good clean through. While you've got the filter and motor off, try and blast the washer bottle through with a jet wash to remove some of the gunge that will be in there. I really got sick of doing this every few weeks, it seems crazy to have to do this on such a new car. I tried changing brands of screen wash but didn't make any difference. I rang our local dealer who told me the above info and said it is a common problem but there's nothing they could do about it.
'02 vectra w/s washer renewal - colfair
Thanks for the quick reply, its much appreciated as ive just realised that the mot is due next wednesday, so it looks as if thats my weekend sorted out !!
'02 vectra w/s washer renewal - Dynamic Dave
I assume this is a new shape Vectra?

Even if it isn't, it's pretty much the same procedure for the previous Vectra-B.

That aside I've had my Vectra-C for nearly 3 years now, and haven't yet had to unblock the filter in the washer pump. Mostly used carplan screenwash, but more recently Asda's "own" brand.
'02 vectra w/s washer renewal - Red Baron
I think that some of the screenwashes available contain ingredients that can clog up fine filters, especially when combined with tap water and environmental debris. Eventually these also begin to stink a bit.

Every so often, I put some (teaspoon full) dishwasher powder in my screen wash bottle with water only and use that until it runs dry. Cleans inside of bottle, declogs any mesh filters, gets rid of stink and smells of lemon. Works a treat.

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