Whose responsibility? - mad un
Hi all,

I bought an 03 Renault Scenic 1.9cdi (105bhp) from a citroen dealer last june. A few months later the engine developed an intermittent fault (glow plug / electrical fault light comes on, engine loses power, light goes out, power comes back). I took it to Citroen who replaced the glowplugs. Not fixed. Next time Citroen took it to the Renault dealer (next door), who reset the computer. Not fixed.

I have booked it back into Renault myself, as this is what Citroen would have to do, as they do not have a Renault diagnostics computer. So I don?t see the point in Chinese whispers. The car came with a third party warranty when I bought it. They have told me that they will only pay £64 ph for labour, and if it costs more, tough!!? Or is this how third party warranties work? The Renault dealer charges 70 ph, and they want the car for 2 days (for now), so it could get pricey.

Questions: Who?s (legal) responsibility is this? How do I deal with it? Who foots the bill for the extra? Should I be handing it back to the Citroen dealer lock stock and let them sort the whole thing out? They have been pretty decent to date. Diagnostics is normally not included under warranty, but I haven?t been charged for the two visits so far.

Finding it painful having to spend time sorting this on a Saturday night. Particularly as the thread was dumped first time, so I have had to do it twice! Tip: type in word ? save - cut ? paste?

I appreciate your advice.

Thanks all.
Whose responsibility? - yorkiebar
Your warranty is with the dealer selling you the car. The citroen dealer.

Even if they send it to the Renault dealer to have the work completed.

If you book it with Renault, they will expect you to pay! And why not, what have they done wrong to you?

Simplified but honest.
Whose responsibility? - cardriver
I agree with yorkie.
Whose responsibility? - mad un
Thanks for the replies. A twist to the tale. Since I bought the car, Lincoln Citroen changed hands from Ilkeston COOP (who had the deal with the 3rd party warranty company) to Advantage. So does this still apply?

Whose responsibility? - yorkiebar
have they taken over the responsibility of the sales of the original sellers?

Does original seller still exist (even if moved elsewhere?)

Do you have direct access to the warranty company, if different from the original seller?
Whose responsibility? - Screwloose
mad un

That time-out when posting a long post is absolutely infuriating, isn't it? Hit "Preview" before risking the dreaded "Post" button; then if it demands a re-log-in, you've still got a copy of your post to paste into the newly-blank box.

As to the car; as you're past the six-months presumption of pre-existence, then it's between you and the warranty company. [So the Citroen dealer thought that a Renault flashing glow-light meant duff glow-plugs - aaah; bless.....]

There is a very well-documented issue with the EGR valve on DCi's causing intermittant limp-home; not that it's necessarily relevant to yours, but the dealer wants to fiddle with it for TWO DAYS??? As it's warrantied, get them to just fit a new EGR valve [at the W/company's expense] instead of wasting your brass on diagnostics and see if that fixes it.
Whose responsibility? - mad un
Hello Yorkiebar and Screwloose,

Thanks for the rapid replies.

Yorkiebar: I will find out definite answers to your first question, but as Citroen took the car back the first time to ?fix? it, I suppose the answer must be yes. Ilkeston COOP motors still seem to be operating elsewhere in the country, if not in Lincoln. And I do have direct contact with the warranty company; I called them yesterday when I found out about the £64 ?clause?. I will contact Citroen and tell them I want the booking I have made myself into Renault, putting in their name. Good idea?

Screwloose: I will chat to them about the EGR valve. However, I?m keen to learn more about the ?six-months presumption of pre-existence? bit, as it was well within 6 months when it went in for this problem the first time ? documented with the Citroen dealer. Can I return the car, get my pennies back, and buy Japanese instead?? I'm not interested in unreliable. I'm a self employed trainer and have to travel around the country, or we don't eat...

The car is booked in for this Wednesday, but if necessary I will cancel until I have the best way ahead sorted.


Whose responsibility? - Screwloose
mad un

As I understand it; [this'll set the cat among the pidgeons with our legal experts!] the Sale of Goods Act has now been interpreted to mean that if a fault appears - within six months - on a vehicle bought from anyone even remotely connected to, or involved with, the motor trade; then the presumption is - unless provable otherwise - that the fault was present [or latent] at the time of sale and thus is the responsibility of the seller to correct.

You needed a reliable car - and took a gamble on a Renault.....? Brave.... Very brave. I think I'd have gone for a Toyota. I rarely ever get to work on one.
Whose responsibility? - Screwloose

Where did that d come from.... Oh, for an edit button!!
Whose responsibility? - colino
I think you are looking on the black side here. Your deal appears to be ongoing with the selling garage (they have tried to fix it, at presumeably no cost, to you) and haven't been successful yet. Put the ball back in their court and explain the original "fix" hasn't been successful and you want them to remedy the situation. Don't do all the hard work yourself! Additionally, I'd be looking for another diagnostic centre as well. The garage you mentioned apparently don't know what is wrong yet, but already know for sure that it will take two days to look at??
Whose responsibility? - yorkiebar
they may want it for 2 full days to allow them to have it overnight to cool down to a full cold start scenario.

Doesnt mean they need 2 days to fix it. Itjust allows them time to properly diagnose, fix and test the car .

Poor old garage always has to work against the clock !

They are not (always) out just to fob you/us off.

better for you if they can sort the problem rather than saying "we think its done now but let us know if you stillhave problems"
Whose responsibility? - mad un
Thanks all. I will let you know how I get on. Any comments on the Nissan Tino 2.2 diesel?

mad un
Whose responsibility? - Xileno {P}
The intercooler needs checking as well - if fitted on this model. Any deformation can be an early indication of more serious problems around the corner.

Also try and find out if it's had a new EGR valve before. The Renault service history should have this detailed on their computer, assuming it's been serviced there of course.
Whose responsibility? - Screwloose
mad un

Renault now own [have ruined?] Nissan...... still want a Tino?


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