Peugeot 106 wishbone bush removal.? - howy868
I need to replace the rear bush (the one that bolts through the floor) on my standard 106 left front 'wishbone'. Are they difficult to remove from the wishbone and do you need a special tool as my manual suggests?
Thanks for any tips

Peugeot 106 wishbone bush removal.? - M.M
I guess the bush alone is about £8 and the whole arm £30ish (complete with front/rear bushes and a new ball joint). Often the front bush and balljoint will be tired so I usually do the whole arm. Rarely worth just doing one bush if you are paying labour to have it done. However if DIY perhaps worth the £20 odd saving for a bit of hassle.

Getting the bush off is OK if you burn the rubber away then hacksaw the inner bush sleeve away. Sometimes it will slide off with the heat anyway. Getting the new bush on can be difficult. Make sure the arm surface is clean and free from rust. Chill the arm in the freezer. Heat the bush up a bit in boiling water and press on in a strong vice with whatever spacer arrangement you can rig up.

Make sure you get the bush on in the correct position first time as you will be unable to turn it once on and may find it impossible to pull off again without damage. If the local garage would do the remove/fit for a tenner well worth it.


Peugeot 106 wishbone bush removal.? - LeePower
Dont bother trying to change the old bush, sling a new arm on they are so cheap now its not worth messing about with.
Peugeot 106 wishbone bush removal.? - hm
do the complete wishbone.......they are very cheap.....

GSF are pretty cheap, but try they are about £15 inc VAT.........give um a call, they are really helpful and postage is only £5 regardless of what you buy.


Peugeot 106 wishbone bush removal.? - DP
I would agree. When the wishbone busges went on SWMBO's Fiesta, I just swapped the complete arms out. Having had nightmares pressing bushes in on various cars, it really isn't worth the hassle when the complete replacement arms are so cheap.


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