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Audi 80 Cab - mrmender
afternoon all
My friend has just bought one a 2.6 auto on a N plate a car i always admired and was on my short list as a hobby/play car. After a shot in his, yesterday i came away dissapointed.
Obviously very well screwed together and well finished but not a, drivers car i did not think it that quick (mrsMM's 19 Y/O Scirocco is much more nippy) the auto box seemed to blunt performance a bit, steering a bit vauge too. I also now understand what scuttle shake is all about!
so more of a boulivard cruser than perfomance car.
Still a good looking car though.......... May still be tempted by a manual
Audi 80 Cab - local yokel
It's a 90 base, not an 80, as it happens. Try the equiv. Coupe in S2 guise and then let us know.
Audi 80 Cab - peterb
I was recently dissappointed when test driving an Audi A4 Cabrio (3.2 litre).

Beautiful to look at and very well made but extremely uninvolving.
Audi 80 Cab - Peter S
To be fair through, I'd only ever had the Audi Convertible down as a cruiser. Surely the quick 80 Avant (RS2??) is the one for performance...


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