Toyota Verso D4D - icefox
I am considering buying a Verso diesel as a towcar for a caravan( no comments thank you). I like Toyota cars for their reliability and consider the Verso or Corolla suitable for my needs, the Verso has lots more room inside. Does anybody out there have and comments regarding owning a diesel Verso, negative or positive and what sort of fuel economy could I expect on the combined cycle?

many thanks

Toyota Verso D4D - cardriver
My only comment would be to keep an ear out for rattles.
I have read many reports on this and other sites of rattly Toyotas - build quality not that good although they tend to be mechanically and electrically reliable.
Toyota Verso D4D - icefox
Thanks Cardriver for your reply. I will bear the rattling problem in mind.
Toyota Verso D4D - Pugugly {P}

A pretty detailed "what to expect"
Toyota Verso D4D - Rhubarb

I suggest you have a look around in here: and

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