MINI (2005) - strange knocking noise - Dave H
Our 2005 MINI Cooper S has developed a strange knocking noise.

It happens when you touch the accelerator pedal or ease off in a low gear. There is just one 'knock' noise, almost as if something is rolling around in the boot (which it isn't!!). It can happen when changing from 1st to 2nd and then to 3rd, but also when not changing gear, just pressing or easing off the accelerator.

I'm going to take it to the dealer, but can't go for a few days and just wondered if anyone had come across this or had any ideas.


MINI (2005) - strange knocking noise - Dynamic Dave
Exhaust moving about / misaligned and thus knocking against the floorpan of the car?
MINI (2005) - strange knocking noise - kithmo
Can of hairspray rolling about under the seat. ?
MINI (2005) - strange knocking noise - Aprilia
Could be loads of things; exhaust, gear linkage, bad engine or transmission mount etc etc. You (or dealer) need to narrow down its location.
MINI (2005) - strange knocking noise - Dave H
For anyone who's interested, the knocking noise has been diagnosed as faulty engine moutings.

This is the first one my dealer has seen, but BMW have told them to look out for the problem.


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