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Has anyone experienced a noise/vibration problem affecting their CLS500? The noise, which is intrusive in the cabin even at relatively low speeds, seems to be connected with the Airmatic suspension. Cars without Airmatic seem to be free of the noise. {Rest of message removed as could be disputed that it was a free advertising plug - DD}
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Come on then, all you Backroomers with CLS500s...;-)
Mercedes CLS500 - Airmatic suspension - cheddar
So you have sold yours then Mike? ;-)

Seriously IIRC they have 17" wheels as standard though are very harsh on larger wheels, not sure if this is worse with airmatic or not.
Mercedes CLS500 - Airmatic suspension - ForumNeedsModerating
I often wonder why fancy cars ( and I've had a few) have aspect ration tyres < 60% , when supposedly
offering a 'refined' ride. It's simply impossible. Get rid of the cl500 (..unless you really dig the looks & the transmission)
& buy a car with 196/65's on 15 inch rims. No neeed then for 'airmatic' suspension or it's attendant gremlins.

Mercedes CLS500 - Airmatic suspension - Kevin
Is Airmatic the same suspension setup as 'ABC' on CL models? If you get an answer elsewhere I'd appreciate if you post it here.

I'm considering replacing my XJ early next year and the CL is on my list.

Mercedes CLS500 - Airmatic suspension - Vincent de Marco
Low profile doesn't mean harsh ride if the car has a 'proper' suspension. Citroen C6 has 245/45 R18 and offers truly magic carpet ride - the most comfortable car I have ever, ever driven in my whole life.
Same with Airmatic. Problem is, these systems are prone to failure if left alone (not used) for a longer period of time.
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