White van man safety bubble. - henry k
I have been a white van man for the day.
An interesting experience.
I have never driven with an automatic sfety bubble around my vehicle.
It might have been caused my driving "style" but all cars gave me a wide berth.
Other white van men were no trouble to me at all.
Oh well back to being tailgated etc. tomorrow and dreaming of an automatic safety bubble.
White van man safety bubble. - Pugugly {P}
I had a very similar experience a couple of years ago whilst a passenger in a Police car....
everyone behaved perfectly.

and laws were most numerous when the commonwealth was most corrupt. Tacitus, Annals
White van man safety bubble. - rtj70
After our traffic accident (hire Fiesta from Malpensa hit by a HGV from behid), then observation on Italian traffic police for lift from hospital after treatment:

- probably no room in rear due to weapons
- room made due to weapons cases now in boot of the estate car - and it was full
- we drive off
- get on AutoStrada
- lights on police car turned on
- people slow to move out of way of police car doing 130 kph in a 90 kph limit... but of course we do not slow. Not cool for Italian police.
- wished I'd put seat belt on due to neck brace etc.... assumed safe
- mobile phone rings and driver answers and chats
- driver continues to scare us and we wonder if we're due back in the hospital soon!

I really ought to post a pic of the hire Fiesta on the MSN website. I keep mentioning it. Scary but also proof a new super mini has a strong structure.


White van man safety bubble. - IanJohnson
I drive a LWB sprinter occasionally - treatment is very different to what I experience in the Accord!
White van man safety bubble. - stunorthants
Its not just being a white van though - my little Suzuki is techinically a white van but I still get tailgated by other vans, but then mine doesnt have the poke that a Merc Sprinter does.
White van man safety bubble. - LeighB
Even better "safety bubble" drive a very battered Mk I short wheel base Landy in London, even taxis give you a wide berth, especially if well covered in genuine ordure !!!
Fellow student had one in London in the early 60s and found his way cleared almost magically.

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