Scenic 03 - 1.9 Dci Fidji - charliedee
Dear all,

I have a little problem with the above. Since buying it from the main dealer last year, I have had trouble free motoring until now. Just before I bought the car, Renault fitted new brake pads to the front. However, as the cold weather has started, the breaks make a slight irritating squeal when I brake. Not a problem as it doesn;t happen all the time I brake, probably every 3 presses of the brake pedal on average. The garage have checked the disks and pads, and everything is is ok? How can I eliminate this squeal??

Secondly, this has baffled the garage. I would like your opinions. When the car starts from cold, there is no noise apart from the engine. However, after 15 or so minutes moving, there is a slight squeaking noise (like something rubbing together i.e. rotational sound) coming from the drivers side front. It only does it the the steering wheel is slightly off centre to the right, and when I turn right. At higher speeds 30+ the noise goes. It is getting annoying not knowing what is causing it. The explanation at the garage is that as my pads and disks are ok, is that there is a build up of rust etc on the edge of the disks, and that when I turn right, it is slightly rubbing and causing the noise . The mechanic has been out in it and heard it himself, and as they cannot reproduce the conditions in the garage, they are at a loss what it definately is. They have checked all the joints etc and every thing is ok. Any ideas? But surely if the explanation of the mechanic is true, it would happen when I turn left ??

Could both be releated?
Scenic 03 - 1.9 Dci Fidji - Armitage Shanks {p}
"There is a build of rust on the edge of the disc and it is rubbing when you turn right" - rubbing on what? The disc turns, within the caliper, the relationship between them doesn't alter when you turn SFAIK. You are being fed excuses!
Scenic 03 - 1.9 Dci Fidji - charliedee
I know it is an exuse, what I need to know is what could be causing the problem?
Scenic 03 - 1.9 Dci Fidji - DP
A well proven "fix" for brake squeal is to apply a light smear of copper grease across the back of the brake pads (where they touch the caliper). Most mechanics will do this as a matter of course when fitting new pads, and I would expect the dealer to have done this as a matter of course, but it's easy to spot if you take a wheel off and have a look. The grease (if present) should be clearly visible on the back of the outboard pads.

Scenic 03 - 1.9 Dci Fidji - charliedee
Ok that solves the break squeel. How about the rotational squeel when turning right? Things do not stack up!
Scenic 03 - 1.9 Dci Fidji - Aprilia
I'm guessing that there is a bit of play in the bearing and when you turn right its pulling the disc across into contact with the pads. Jack up the front and feel for any play in that front bearing.
Scenic 03 - 1.9 Dci Fidji - charliedee
Is is safe to drive if there is any play in the bearing?
Scenic 03 - 1.9 Dci Fidji - Aprilia
With a small amount of play - yes. A bearing in bad shape (about to fail) will make a lot of rumbling/grinding noises and get hot - you'll feel the heat at the wheel centre.

If you are not confident about inspecting it yourself then a local garage/MoT station should be able to check it in 5 mins for a few £'s.
Scenic 03 - 1.9 Dci Fidji - aahbarnes
My Merc A class produced squeeling when turning right. After I changed the disks and pads the problem disappeared.

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