Clutch replacement query - 2005 Mondeo - conor
I have been having problems with my 05 mondeo estate. Its not going in to reverse very easily. It happened shortly after we bought it in june of this year and the clutch was replaced under some 3 month warranty thing. The car has 2 years Ford direct warranty.

It has now started doing the same thing. I left it to ford today and they said the clutch was dragging. They said the need the car in for 2 days to investigate it and have said that if its a fault with the clutch then it can be replaced under warranty but if its due to wear and tear it will be down to us to replace it, which could cost about 500 quid.

Maybe I'm wrong but a clutch shouldn't wear out that quickly? Its only been in for about 3 or 4 months. If i had been riding the clutch then yes i could see a problem but i don't!!

Any Ideas?
Clutch replacement query - 2005 Mondeo - ajsdoc
I'm with you - if they come back with wear and tear on a 3 month old clutch something is very wrong.
Clutch replacement query - 2005 Mondeo - hford
Have come across this before on Mondeos its not a fault / dragging / wear on the clutch but lack of grease on the shaft splines. needs gearbox removing grease applying and box refitting.
Mondeo Clutch problem - Update - conor
A while back i posted about a clutch isues in this post

I took the car back to Ford yesteday and they did exactly what hford said the repair was. So got the car back and all is good.

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