Insurance for modified cars - Brianb
I was thinking of making a few subtle changes to my diesel Passat saloon. Tinting of the rear windows was the first item on the list, as with kids in the back it would make the car cooler. This got me thinking of what else would make useful improvements at a reasonable cost?

Diesel tuning chip, 30bhp increase, nice!

18" Alloy wheels, the standard 15" alloys look like shopping trolley wheels on a big car.

This then led to thinking how this would affect my insurance (Directline), so a search of their website was a YES. Surprisingly even the window tinting if it wasn't a factory fit would effect the premium. I expected the other two to have some effect, maybe the next insurance group or similar.

A search of a company specialising in modified car insruance wanted £400 more than I'm paying Directline (£300 of which was for the above mods).

What do all these people do who fit bigger wheels and chips do about insurance, does eveyone pay £3-400 over the norm for subtle changes?
Insurance for modified cars - BobbyG
Would guess that many of them won't declare it!

Re your rear windows, you know that you are not wanting to do this for the kids, so don't use them as the excuse! :)

Its one of these things, that as soon as you start making modifications then it tells the insurance company that you are not a "normal" risk and that you should be treated differently.
Insurance for modified cars - TheOilBurner
No simple answers to this really. I moved from Direct Line to Greenlight and paid no extra to include my modifications.

It all depends on the insurer and which modifications they dislike and which they consider meaningless.

IIRC, Direct Line didn't charge any extra for cosmetic changes like a new front grille, but power upgrades were strongly frowned upon.

Phone them up and ask exactly how much extra it may/may not cost.
Insurance for modified cars - bell boy
if you phone your insurer with a loaded question your conversation is recorded ,you may then find that if you make a claim and your ashtray is overflowing with sweety spog wrappers they might decline as the interior of your car is heavily modded.
If you are into tints and bling wheels then i suggest you tread very carefully as you may find your insurer cancelling your insurance
Insurance for modified cars - ffidrac {P}
My Yaris was 'modified' by fitting a wheelchair hoist.

Extra charge from Virgih Ins.?


It depends on what you do, tinted windows, alloy wheels, 'chipped' ecu are perceived to be 'more desireable to scroates' type of mod so are charged for.
Insurance for modified cars - Tomo
Actually, these inflated premiums for modifications are an amenity charge; the insurers reckon if you are prepared to pay for a nicer car you will be prepared to pay them to use it too.

It' s rather like the notion going about in undesirable quarters that if you have a nice view from your front window (over the parked cars!) you should be charged more council tax.
Insurance for modified cars - JH
I wondered about chipping my Passat and contacted DL to ask what effect it would have on my premium. My brain disconnected from ears after the first digit. In short I didn't do it. I'm surprised that HJ receommends it as often as he does. It's not a cheap option.
Insurance for modified cars - dragon
I was insured via the AA when I switched my stock Puma for an new MX-5. They were fine when it was stock but it is quite heavily modified now ( and more to come).

The AA came up with a ridiculous quote of twice what I was paying so I was recommended to use a specialist broker for modified cars . I am now paying about £30 more which is reasonable. I used Adrian Flux but I am sure there are more.
Insurance for modified cars - martint123
The big advertising insurers don't want anything out of the ordinary.
You want mods - go to insurers who are used to dealing with them. Start with owners club affiliated insurers. Adding a turbo or supercharger adds around 25% from what I've heard.
Insurance for modified cars - Mike H
Just to add my bit, specialist brokers either for the type of car, or offering owners club affiliated schemes, may be the best bet. I have a Saab 9-5 chipped from 150bhp to 192bhp, with sports suspension upgrade, and alloy wheels (the last, as someone else commented, were a factory option and standard on some models). I paid very little extra, currently £300 pa with full NCB - but then again, I am 53!

On my last check round, I found that most of the mainstream insurers weren't interested, but I went the owners-club route.
Insurance for modified cars - rtj70
You don't say what model year Passat or what BHP diesel engine but I'd say mods like you suggest will always increase insurance but surprised by what you've been quoeted.

My observations:

- Forget the tints.. why not buy those blind/sock things for the rear windows. Or did you mean "cooler" not to see the kids in the first place ... Re-read your post ;-) And what about air-con? Can see why insurance don't like tints because you as a driver have less visibility.

- 18" and 15" wheels+tyres will have overall identical diameter. Bigger alloy wheels yes but lower profile rubber. I had a Passat on a W plate with the "sport" suspension which is "lowered" but the wheels looked too small because there was so much room around them in the wheelarches. And handling wallowed and probably used that spare space. You sure lower profile tyres on larger rims is going to sort out the "shopping trolley" look?
Insurance for modified cars - Group B
With regard to chipping, I asked my preferred insurance broker before I chipped my car and was told, "oh no sir, chipping is the single worst thing you could do in terms of affecting your premium, you will struggle to find anyone to insure you" (they had recently been bought out by a big insurer that had a company-wide no modifications... erm... policy).
So I called Adrian Flux and got modified car insurance for £23 more than my unmodified renewal quote. You need to shop around and try the companies that specialise in modified cars. Next year I will be trying Greenlight Insurance too as I have heard they are good.
Insurance for modified cars - TimOrridge
I added a set of 15" wheels to My 13yr old Audi 80, which cost 40 quid off ebay. TEsco wanted 125 quid extra, i paid it. A lot I know, but they do pay upto £250 if thay get damanged. I argued that the wheels were audis own, which were an optional extra at time of manafacture. They classed them as an non standard upgrade.
Insurance for modified cars - barchettaman
....18" Alloy wheels, the standard 15" alloys look like shopping trolley wheels on a big car....

18 inchers will look like cart wheels!!
Insurance for modified cars - Brianb
That's the look I was going for!

I've asked for quotes from Adrian Flux, and will report back when received.
Insurance for modified cars - George Porge
Brentacre Insurance Services Ltd

98, Mansel St, Swansea, West Glamorgan SA1 5UE

Tel: 01792 650933

Both our modified VWs are insured with the above. Just received our renewall for 2001 Golf gttdi pd, chipped to 145bhp (was 115bhp) £405 for herself and me as named driver.

I've used Brentacre for years, they're a well respected company within the VW scene. ;-)

I'd also recommend Upsolute for the chip tuning, 5.5 years on our particular car, just loads of power :o)
Insurance for modified cars - Sim-O
I had a Fiat Uno Turbo that was heavily modded, arches, bumpers, wheels, brakes, supsension, and engine, a list as long as your arm. It was used for hill climbing and so still had the roll cage in it.
Adrian Flux were the cheapest, but everytime I had to call them I had at least 15 minutes on hold, on time 40!!) but i couldn't find anyone to insure me with the roll cage fitted, everyone said I had to remove it, which annoyed me as you see in mags and on the street every now and then cars with 'em.
Your best bet is to get hold of Max Power/ Redline/Revs type magazines and phone the comanies in the back of em.

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