damaged repairable - graham 1
hi, i was watching the progamme and you did up a peugeot 106 { black } you got it checked out after it was repaired . i would like to know where the check was done and how much it costs? also what would a cat d car be on the insurance register after the check was done
damaged repairable - martint123
I don't know what program you are on about - but I'll guess a bit.

If the car was a Cat C writeoff then it will need a VIC inspection before you get the logbook back - See the VOSA web site. This is only to determine that the car is what it says it is and is not a stolen car being given a writeoff's identity. The logbook will record this test. tinyurl.com/ybq3e9 shows an application form and the test centers. Cat D cars don't need the VIC test, but will stay on the insurance register.

damaged repairable - bell boy
£36 for a vic check you can get cars downgraded on the hpi register if they go through a hpi approved inspection
not worth doing in my opinion
only buy a write off if -------------------------
cars been repaired properly------------
you are not a car snob-----------
you dont want market value at resale------------
damaged repairable - Dynamic Dave
I don't know what program you are on about

Sounds like Wrecks to Riches that's being repeated on Discovery Real Time at the moment.

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