Help Me Decide - gasspringmaker
I am looking for an adapted vehicle for my disabled daughter.
And have been looking at a vw transporter t4, and an 03 Renault Trafic
Can anyone advise me on witch of the above is better
Any help would be appreciated.

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Help Me Decide - cheddar
Perhaps give an idea of budget and the age and mileage of the respective vehicles.
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And are you looking to buy something pre-converted or get it converted especially?

Is it for her to drive or travel in? What is the nature of the disability - is it a case of getting a wheelchair in and then getting into a swivel seat ? or more complex?

Ive seen a T4 with a sliding swivel seat - a captains chair on swivel mount that also slides back into the middle of the van.
Help Me Decide - gasspringmaker
yes we are looking for something pre converted.
we have looked at a w reg transporter t4 and a renault trafic on an 03, both are a versa conversion wich have a
lightweight fold down ramp at the back with 2 seats to the right and tracking down the left side to anchor her special pushchair in with her in it.
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we have the VW t4 Caravelle and are highly delighted with it. It has a co-trim side access ramp and wheelchair restraints.
It hasn't been quite as reliable as expected but is far better than the Merc V-Class we had previously.
If you don't need such a large vehicle try the citroen dispatch or one of its clones. Also check out they always have plenty of private and trade sellers of adapted vehicles.

If you can afford it I suggest buying new - as long as the vehicle and adaptions are paid at the point of sale you dont have VAT to pay.

Help Me Decide - gasspringmaker
thanks for the info tried the website and found a dealer in kent not that far from me .
hopefully he is going to find something for us in the next week or so
so many thanks for that.
Help Me Decide - Vansboy
The Transporter has a FAR better reputation than the Renault, though much of this due to the way VW USED to build vehicles!!

You will possibly get a better idea, by test driving a couple of van versions, to get an idea of how they feel, to you.

The VW will be more expensive initially, but MIGHT prove less expensive to maintain, if you can find a good independent specialist to look after it - easier than the Renault.

But you MUST check the original use the van had - if it wasn't a conversion from new. You don't want something that did a million miles before the previous owner!!


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