2 cars - David Moore
I posted awhile back about my stepmum who has a Rover 213, 1988E - well, it failed the MOT dramatically and she wants something up to £2500 (2000 preferably), insurance group 4 or less, 40mpg, but reasonably nippy and 5 doors (essential.) pas would be nice. Any suggestions that would be something like these requirements? Oh she doesn't want a Rover Metro or Fiat Punto basically because her mechanic says so.
Mum on the other hand has a 1997 Hyundai Accent Auto 1.3 that she is advertising at about £2200 and hopes to get £2000 for, private sale, on account of a few minor dents and an erratic service history (its still there and will be sold with 12 months mot!) Her budget and requirements are similar but she has no real preferences; the main req's are the above but she can stretch to say gp 6 insurance, and 5 drs isnt essential. Pas is fairly important.
Re: 2 cars - Sinjun
How about a Nissan Micra.
Nothing special but v. reliable.
Re: 2 cars - martin
How about a VW, something fairly recent such as a Passat salon diesel, going at bargain prices now, if you can find a FSH and low miler you can get a real beauty. Check out Autotrader daily, also, people will always drop their prices down with a little pursusion, it's not too moral, but then neither is one's wallet!
Re: 2 cars - James
I suppose getting your Stepmum to buy the Hyundai would be too simple? No - silly question...
Re: 2 cars - Marcus Webb
Try a Daihatsu Charade super little cars never break down and at your price should get PAS

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