Ford UK Warranty - help please! - roscoman
Hi, hope someone can give me some info on this:

Im currently giving serious consideration to a 05 Mondeo Zetec TDci which has been imported into the Rep. Ireland from the UK.
Can anyone tell me how I could go about determining what manufacturers warranty period is remaining on the car. It was first registered 31st march 05.
The standard warranty in Ireland is 2 yrs unlimited milage. Looking at the site, its not very clear what the standard warranty period is, as there are a number of warranty options available.
Ford Ireland ltd., tells me they will honour any existing UK warranty on the car.

Anyone got an email address or contact no. for ford UK so I can clarify the warranty period.?
I do have the VIN of this car.

Ford UK Warranty - help please! - Wales Forester
Any Ford franchise dealer should be able to answer your question using the VRM & VIN numbers.

Ford UK Warranty - help please! - Wales Forester
Forgot to say standard Ford UK warranty for this car is 3 years, usually 1 year manufacturer and 2 year dealer, although I've never clarified exactly what the 'dealer' bit means.
Ford UK Warranty - help please! - Armitage Shanks {p}
I have a PSA car with a 2 year manufacturer warranty and 3rd year 'dealer' warranty. I understand this to mean that car will be covered for the 3 years, PSA pick up the costs of parts and labour for 2 years and the dealer does it for year 3.
Ford UK Warranty - help please! - Aprilia
Armitage is broadly correct. The Ford 'dealer' warranty is basically an insurance policy and they don't have to comply with legal requirements of a manufacturer-backed warranty (i.e. they can impose conditions - like dealer-only servicing allowed, limits on payouts etc etc).
Ford UK Warranty - help please! - cheddar
The Ford warranty is one year manufacturer / two years dealer, in practice there is no tangible difference, bearing in mind that most Ford main dealers are owned by Ford the dealer element is effectively underwritten by Ford anyway.
Ford UK Warranty - help please! - Aprilia
Yes, but my point is that in the first year Ford have to comply with the EU Block Exemption regs and cannot refuse a claim based on the fact that the car has not be serviced by a Ford dealer. They have to operate within the legal framework pertaining to warranties. Once it goes into years 2 and 3 they CAN refuse a claim on this basis.

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