Xantia front suspension - menorcaMarc
I have a P reg Xantia.
The rear suspension works fine but the front suspension is stuck in full height all the time!
The front sphere has a wire running to what looks like a solenoid, this clicks from time to time and gets hot, is this the problem or a result of another fault elswhere?

Xantia front suspension - mjm
I think you may have two problems.

How did it get stuck in the high position? Did you select it and then it refused to return, or did it go high on its own?

If you raised it and it failed to fall then I would suspect the front height corrector is stuck or the linkage is seized up.

By the front sphere, do you mean the one right at the front of the engine as opposed to the ones at the top of the strut?
If it's the one at the front of the engine then this is the main pressure accumulator sphere. The solenoid does cut in and out to allow hydraulic pressure into this sphere. In normal operation, with the engine ticking over, and the suspension at normal height, this solenoid should click approximately once every 30/40 seconds. More frequently than this suggests that the sphere needs replacing. When checking this, the braks and steering need to be left untouched.

If you decide to check the linkage/height corrector for correct movement, then use axle stands to support the car. DON'T GO UNDER IT WITHOUT SUPPORTING IT (capitals for emphasis, I'm not shouting, honest!) This is a critical safety issue.
Xantia front suspension - menorcaMarc
Hi mjm

raised it then it failed to return, the solenoid is attached to the very front sphere - there is one mounted middle & front of engine then the one with the solenoid is mounted further forward and slightly to the left. Back to the solenoid it clicks but also has a buzz or a whine from time to time.

As for the front height corrector, how do I locate this? and how do I check for function?

Mant thanks

Xantia front suspension - mjm
I am using the right hand side as if you were sat in the driving seat.

On the right hand side, there is a control rod running front to back, very close to the catalytic converter/exhaust system. this rod moves fore and aft as the height control lever is moved inside the car. This rod is connected to the height correctors front and rear. The rod moves a link attached to the corrector. The front unit is mounted above the sub frame. There is also a link/clamp arrangement going to the front anti roll bar.

Movement of the control rod should make the linkage on the height corrector move.(not the anti roll bar links!)

You will need to get the car raised up and supported and possibly an assistant to check for movement, it isn't the easiest thing to see.

Please bear in mind the safety issue I raised. And be aware that however you support the car, moving the height control will cause the back to go up and down.

I have heard a bit of a chattering noise from other solenoids, I think the thing to do is get the height selection working first, as this will affect the front sphere.
Xantia front suspension - menorcaMarc
Thanks for the help!

Managed to get under the car and saw that the whole set up was out of sorts, the rod was moving ok but did not appear to be doing anything.
Was able to get the car lowered into a drivable position and get it to the local garage, they told me that I needed a part replacing ( still trying to translate what it is from Spanish!) cost about ?200 all in.

many thanks.

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