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Honda FR-V - how to remove radio - Jock
As title really, I have a 2005 Honda FR-V and have just bought an Ipod connector cable which has to plugged into the CD changer socket on the back of the radio/cd head unit.
I can't see how the head unit comes out of the dash, there are no holes or slots into which a release tool could be pushed in.
Does anyone know how to do it ???
Honda FR-V - how to remove radio - grease monkey
jock you will have your work cut out with this one,a fair amount of dasboard stripping is required before you can unbolt the radio unit,it can`t just be released from the front, most of the dash below the radio needs to be removed to gain access,the climate control panel,the centre storage pocket,dashboard centre panel,twin cupholder needs to be removed....,the handbrake lever mechanism needs to be removed., this really is quite an involved job just to get the radio out and to top it all most of the dash is made from "exploding plastic " which needs to be removed very very carefully to avoid damage.. best of luck !!
if it aint broke don`t fix it
Honda FR-V - how to remove radio - Jock
Thanks for the reply Grease Monkey, though I don't like what you are telling me.
I don't really have to remove the radio, just get a cable plugged into a socket in it's rear. Do you know if theres any way to access the rear of the stereo just to plug in the new cable ? Reach up from cupholder opening perhaps?, or reach across from glovebox opening?
Honda sell an underseat CD changer which would need to plug into the same socket - I wonder if there is wiring elsewhere in the car already to make the CD changer addition simple?
I definitely won't strip down the dashboard myself to the extent you describe. If there's no simpler way to connect the cable I'll either have to get my Honda dealer to do it, or abandon the plan to use my Ipod.
Honda FR-V - how to remove radio - grease monkey
sorry jock,honda arn`t so generous as to put in extra wiring so accessories can be easily plugged in,you generally have to run the cables all the way,if you can get some of the lower dashboard panels removed there may be a chance of getting your hand up the back of the unit to plug your ipod in but from memory can`t confirm if this is possible
if it aint broke don`t fix it
Honda FR-V - how to remove radio - Jock
Thanks Grease Monkey - I'll have a look tomorrow but I am reluctant to remove any dashboard parts since the car is under a year old, and I'm scared I'll break something!
If I can't get my hand to the back of the radio I'll ask for a quote from my Honda dealership when the car's in for it's first service in a couple of weeks time.

Cheers !
Honda FR-V - how to remove radio - colincolin1

Lord Help me on this beautiful Honda Frv .. it has a good sound system but hates to be updated lol.. I really would wish there was an easier way to connect USB or Mp3 or bluetooth.. .. hi folks i read it all and i am wishing there was a sucess from anyone who tried to fix ipod or anything to the radio.. if there is .. pls tell me someone.. i would love to connect my yatour or somth similar.. Gritzz

Honda FR-V - how to remove radio - bitwabbly

There are various options to connect to the CD Changer/ Aux in port on the pack of the radio. I connected a simple aux line in box to the CD changer socket. The box was about £30 from connects2 PN CTVHOX001. I can plug an mp3 player or a phone and play mp3s or whatever from it using simple 1/4in jack. You could probably hook up something more elaborate. There may be more elegant solutions that can connect to the aux/cd changer input to allow better control, i notice they also sell a more expensive box for use with iPod so may include digital control. I don’t know as the line in was good enough for me. I did attempt to fit myself but it is too complicated to remove the dash and part of hand brake to get to the back of the radio. In the end just gave £70 to Honda to fit the gadget which they did in about half an hour. (sadly they still charge for an hours work). Any other car you could probably fit it yourself but not the frv. The end result is a lead that comes out of the glove box that you can blug into anything with a line out or headphone out. You switch to CD changer and the box pretends to be CD1 and plays through whatever you give it. I notice that connects2 dosent list honda frv but I believe all hondas pretty much had the same radio or at least the same connections as maybe just give them a email/call to confirm.


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