Wheeler Dealers - daveyjp
New series has started on Discovery - Sunday evenings is the repeat of the week night episode.

Last night was a mid 70s 911 2.7 Targa. Import from the west coast of the US, so no bad weather to contend with, but it was British Racing Green - not a good colour.

Bought for £5,000 - bodywork and interior sound. Problem with gearbox identified on test drive, but they hoped it was merely a stretched gear linkage cable - it wasn't. Synchro between 2nd and 3rd gear broken following crashed gear change, replacement required £1500 for a rebuilt exchange gearbox. Targa roof repaired, new mirror and overriders fitted, as engine was out new clutch also fitted, full service. Total cost (excluding loads of labour of course!) £7,000. Sold for over £8,000.
Wheeler Dealers - martint123
I was surprised at the cost of replacing the syncro. I have memories of replacing second gear in my old MGB and it cost around 20 quid.
Wheeler Dealers - Dynamic Dave
Damn! I thought the new episodes started tomorrow night. Oh well, bound to repeated several times as per all the stuff on Discovery RealTime.

With the assistance of www.tvgenius.co.uk/ I'll now get reminders so as not to forget next time.
Wheeler Dealers - glowplug
Does anyone know why it changed from being the 2 salesmen to the current format? I really liked it back then, it's OK now too!

Xantia HDi.

Buy a Citroen and get to know the local GSF staff better...
Wheeler Dealers - Dynamic Dave
Does anyone know why it changed from being the 2 salesmen to the current format?

Are you referering to the other show - Deals On wheels? Presented by Mike Brewer & Richard Sutton.
Wheeler Dealers - Falkirk Bairn
This week they saved and sold a Jeep - total cost was around £1,000 to buy and £2770 for parts inc a new canvas roof + New springs.

Sold for £3900 so made a "£130 profit"

Ed, the mechanic sweated days / a week on it - in a real garage you would get between 1 and 3 hours of a mechanics time for £130

Entertaining & Informative - Yes - but every car seems to turn in a loss as they never charge for labour and a punter always knocks the price down.
Wheeler Dealers - Dynamic Dave
Ed, the mechanic sweated days / a week on it -

Apart from tarting up the 4 Wheel Drive badges and the rusty fixing screws on the bonnet.

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