Traction Control + Abbott Racing - school boy
Is it possible to get traction control fitted? We're thinking of getting the Saab chipped by Abbott Racing from 150 BHP to 220 and if so traction control would obviously be handy to harness the extra ohhmp.
Also, can think of a way to assure my dad that the engine won't blow up with the new chip?

Many Thanks School boy.
Traction Control + Abbott Racing - school boy
Ok, forget the bit about my dad, does anyone know about the traction control?
Traction Control + Abbott Racing - Dynamic Dave
What model of Saab?
How old is it?
What size engine? Petrol or Diesel?
Traction Control - school boy
V reg, 9-5, 2.0 light pressure turbo, petrol.
Traction Control - Group B
Have a look on (if you havent already), in the 9-5 section and the performance section. Someone here saying that his car has 245bhp and he does not consider TCS necessary: . Racelogic website does not say how much their aftermarket TCS costs.
Instead of electronic traction control, the other option is a limited slip diff for £495 from Abbott.


Traction Control + Abbott Racing - Mike H
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